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News 31/05/18

02 June 2018 |

At the time of printing the Tuesday night ladies competition will have played their last round for this particular competition and the table is nearly as tight as it can be with only 2.5pts between 1st and 4th place. Clift is just holding onto 1st place by ½ point over Bryson who in turn has a slim 1pt lead over George in 3rd while Briggs is still in touch with the leaders in 4th by 1pt. The Wednesday ladies table has remained fairly static with only a change of Underwood adding further points to their already enormous lead now at 24.2pts clear of Presland, whose lead over 3rd placed Mortimer remained at 5.3pts this week. In the Thursday ladies table H.Roberts shifted into outright 1st place this week with a 4pt lead over B.Windon while S.Gallagher trails by 5pts in 3rd place.

In the Saturday division1 men’s table TeamE added 1pt to their lead to now lead 2nd placed TeamG by 5pts. TeamG’s move into 2nd from 3rd has pushed TeamC into 3rd place by a slim 1pt. In the divsion2 men the table saw a change in leaders with TeamD moving into 1st place 11pts clear over closet rival TeamC while TeamA also moved up this week into 3rd place by 13pts. In the dvision1/2 ladies Team2 continues to dominate the table in 1st by 10pts over Team1 who slipped into 2nd leaving Team3 to slip back into 3rd 4pts off the pace.


Tuesday Night

Clift      4.28         D             Briggs       2.25

Bryson  6.36        D             Barnes     Forfeit

George  3.27        D             Bowling   3.27

Wednesday Night

Spalding            3.28        D             Young          3.22

Underwood        6.36        D             Mortimer    Forfeit

Point Scores:

 Men Division1:

E. Hayes\Rye\McGregor-69.0

G. Eaton\Percival\Nowland-63.0

C. Quinn\Johnston\Hughes-62.0

A. Peters\Farley\ Hancock-61.0

B. Rye-Smith\Dunlop\Hodgson-48.0


F. Sciffer\Anderson\Vasliv-36.0

Men Division2:

D. Sciffer\McArthur-95.0

C. Palmer\Cringle-84.0

A. Burrows\Lyall-71

B. Oyston\McKeough-62.0

E. R& M.Gough-61.0

F. Neville\Barr-35.0

Women Division A1/A2:

2. Farley\Anderson\Smith-87.0

1. B& S.Bower-77.0

3. Merriman\de Marchi-73.0

4. Ooms\Spalding-64.0

5. Terry\ Eaton-32.0

Tuesday Night:







Wednesday Night:

1. Underwood-74.0

2. Presland-49.8

3. Mortimer-44.5

4. Young-38.4

5. Spalding-28.2

Thursday Ladies:


B. Windon-70.0

S. Gallagher-65.0

J. Whittle-64.0

D. Cheetham-64.0

S. Buckman-63.0

J. Edstein-63.0

D. Ernst-49.0