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News 24/05/18

25 May 2018 |

With the good autumn weather at the time of writing the Saturday and Thursday ladies competition have completed round three while the Tuesday and Wednesday ladies are drawing to a close with only a couple of weeks left of play.

In the Saturday division1 men’s’ table TeamE widened the gap a little this week to lead 2nd placed TeamC by 5pts while TeamA are joined by TeamG in 3rd by 3pts. In the division2 men’s table TeamC and TeamD are still keeping pace with each other once again sharing equal 1st with TeamB still holding onto 2nd place by a mere 2pts ahead of TeamA in 3rd. The divison1/2 ladies table has seen a little movement this week with Team2 joined by Team3 in equal 1st place and Team1 moving in 2nd place 10pts off the pace with Team4 sit further back in 3rd by 4pts.

The Tuesday ladies only have 2 weeks of play left and with the table being as tight as it is, who will come out on top at this stage is anyone’s guess as Briggs leads by a slim 1pt margin over George who in turn is just in front of Clift by a mere ½ a point while Barnes and Bryson cannot be ruled out with only 2.5pts at the most separating them from the top three spots. In the Wednesday ladies Underwood now looks to be unbeatable holding a 16.2pt lead over Presland in 2nd the pointscore widening the gap to 5.3pts over Mortimer who is 3rd. The Thursday ladies table still remains tight this week with H.Roberts now sharing equal 1st with B.Windon while S.Buckman is only 2pts adrift in 2nd with J.Whittle rounding out the top three in 3rd by 4pts.


Tuesday  Night

Barnes  2.25        V             Clift        3.26

Bryson  4.29        D             Bowling  1.20

George  4.32       D             Briggs     2.22

Wednesday Night

Presland              4.29        D             Spalding      2.20

Young                  5.30        D             Mortimer      1.20

Point Scores:

Men Division1:

E. Hayes\Rye\McGregor-54.0

C. Quinn\Johnston\Hughes-49.0

A. Peters\Farley\Hancock-46.0

G. Eaton\Percival \Nowland-46.0

B. Rye-Smith\Dunlop\Hodgson-39.0

D. Whiting\McDonald\Gronow-30.0

F. Sciffer\Anderson\Vasliv-20.0

Men Division2:

C. Palmer\Cringle-71.0

D. Sciffer\McArthur-71.0

B. Oyston\McKeough-49.0

A. Burrows\Lyall-47.0

E. R& M.Gough-46.0

F. Neville\Barr-28.0

Women Division A1/A2:

2. Farley\Anderson\Smith-63.0

3. Merriman\de Marchi-63.0

1. B& S.Bower-53.0

4. Ooms\Spalding-49.0

5. Terry\ Eaton-16.0

Tuesday Night:







Wednesday Night:

1. Underwood-66.0

2. Presland-49.8

3. Mortimer-44.5

4. Young-35.4

5. Spalding-23.2

Thursday Ladies:

H. Roberts-56.0

B. Windon-56.0

S. Buckman-54.0

J. Whittle-50.0

D. Cheetham-46.0

S. Gallagher-42.0

J. Edstein-40.0

D. Ernst-40.0