Maitland District Tennis Association

News 17/05/18

18 May 2018 |

With another full round of matches being played the Tuesday ladies table tightened up this week with Briggs’s loss dropping their lead down to 4.5pts over Clift’s whose win pushed them into 2nd place a mere ½ a point ahead of Barnes.  In the Wednesday ladies table Underwood saw a slight extension to their massive lead now 22.2pts ahead of Presland who slipped into 2nd place by the smallest of margins .3pts over Mortimer in 3rd. In the Thursday ladies H.Roberts is now in outright 1st after a big win 8pts over B.Windon who has been joined in equal 2nd by S.Buckman and J.Whittle with another three teams J.Edstein, D.Cheetham and S.Gallagher sharing equal 3rd 8pts off the pace.

The combined ladies division table has seen the teams spread out a little this week. Team2 now in outright 1st by 4pts with Team4 holding 2nd place by 4pts with Team3 rounding out the top three teams. In the division2 men’s table TeamC has not been able to shake TeamD with both teams still sharing equal 1st 15pts clear of TeamB who is just in 2nd place a slim 1pt ahead of TeamA in 3rd. The division1 men’s table has seen TeamE take the reins to lead the table by 4pts with TeamC falling back into 2nd place where they are joined by TeamA they in turn have 4pt lead over TeamG in 3rd.


Tuesday Night:

Barnes  4.345     D             Briggs      1.17

Bryson  3.27       D             George    2.25

Clift        6.36      D             Bowling   0.16

Wednesday Night:

Underwood       3.28        D             Young         3.22

Presland           3.26        D             Mortimer    3.24

Point Scores:

Men Division1:

E. Hayes\Rye\McGregor-36.0

C. Quinn\Johnston\Hughes-32.0

A. Peters\Farley\Hancock-32.0

G. Eaton\Percival Nowland-28.0

B. Rye-Smith\Dunlop\Hodgson-20.0


F. Sciffer\Anderson\Vasliv-14.0

Men Division2:

C. Palmer\Cringle-47.0

D. Sciffer\McArthur-47.0

B. Oyston\McKeough-32.0

A. Burrows\Lyall-31.0

E. R& M.Gough-30.0

F. Neville\Barr-16.0

Women Division A1/A2:

2. Farley\Anderson-47.0

4. Ooms\Spalding-43.0

3. Merriman\de Marchi-39.0

1. B& S.Bower-29.0

5. Terry\Eaton-12.0

Tuesday Night:







Wednesday Night:


2. Presland-43.8

3. Mortimer-43.5

4. Young-28.4

5. Spalding-21.2

Thursday Ladies:

H. Roberts-44.0

B. Windon-36.0

S. Buckman-36.0

J. Whittle-36.0

J. Edstein-28.0

D. Cheetham-28.0

S. Gallagher-28.0

D. Ernst-20.0