Riverside Tennis Club

Membership / Visitors

Membership Fees 2019-20

Membership year runs 1 November to 31 October each year. New members wishing to join may enquire on a pro-rata rate to join according to the month during which they are joining.

Fees are due on or before 31 October 2019 with a $5 discount applicable for payments made before this date.

Fees are as follows:

  • $220 Family membership ($210 early bird discount)
  • $110 Single senior player ($105 early bird discount)
  • $55 Student – under 18 ($50 early bird discount)
  • $65 Full time student – over 18  ($60 early bird discount)


Visitors are welcome under the following conditions:

  • Members may host a visitor who is a fully paid up member of any other affiliated tennis club free of charge for three visits. Thereafter a fee of $3.00 per visit should be paid. Limit 6 occasions.
  • Members may host a visitor who is not a member of any other club for the same $3.00 fee, but only for a maximum number of 5 occasions. After these visits, that visitor is expected to become a member.
  • Short term visitors from intra state, inter-state and overseas are guests of the club.

Visitors fees should  be paid into the payment box at the time of the visit.

It is the responsibility of a member to ensure that visitors’ fees are paid. Members hosting visitors who are found to be playing without paying fees will be viewed with displeasure.


Alternatively, forms are available in the club rooms.


Light usage fees are to be paid into the box in the clubhouse inside an envelope clearly marked with your name and date/time. Rate is $6 per hour per court.

Please be aware the new lights on courts 3 and 4 are designed to shine across on to the opposite courts and ideally need to be used in conjunction. Therefore if possible, if you are using only one court, try to use one of the top courts.