Riverside Tennis Club

Personal Accident Insurance
While our club members are covered by the Tennis Australia personal accident insurance please note that the policy does not include any treatment already covered by Medicare (including the Medicare Gap). The Health Insurance Act 1973 does not permit the insurer to contribute to any charges covered by Medicare (including the Medicare Gap).
The policy does cover a range of events including death and disability, loss of income and rehabilitation costs – to see what the Tennis Australia covers please cut and paste the link below:

Coaching Court Allocation
Please note that our Club Coach Jason Fletcher has courts booked for the following days and times:

Mon – Frid 6.00am 9.30am 2
Mon – Wed 3.30pm 6.30pm 2
Thurs 3.30pm 6.00pm 2
Frid 3.30pm 6.30pm 2
Sat 6.00am 9.30am 2
Sun 6.00am 9.30am 2
Other times 6.00am 9.00pm 1


Jason Fletcher now conducts coaching at our club throughout the week.  Please contact him on 0437 338 518 for more information regarding his program options.

 Riverside Tennis Club Facebook Page

Did you know that you can access the Riverside Tennis Club Facebook page without actually being on Facebook? Just click on the link below to access the latest pictures and news!


Riverside Tennis Club 50 Years On (by Jim Witheford)

Riverside Tennis Club History 50 Years On

Club Committee 2018-19

President – Marty Howell

Vice President – Jason Fletcher

Treasurer – Linda de Water

Secretary – Betty Piesse

Club Room Coordinator – Pauline Baker

Club Captain – Ben Holden

Ladies Captain – Roxie Holden

Communications – Liz Hadley

General Committee Members
Owen Geale
Judy Cole







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