North Eastern Junior Tennis Association

Spring 2022 rule changes

23 May 2022 |

Please note the following two rules changes for the Spring 2022 season:

·        The 9.30am start time for Doubles sections and Late Start Singles will be moved to 10am on a trial basis. Many of the fuller clubs have reported that it is not uncommon for 8am singles matches to end later than some of the late starts due to how much going down to one court slows down play. We are hoping that the extra half-an-hour will alleviate this issue. Feedback from clubs next season on the 10am start will be greatly appreciated.

·        The deuce rule will no longer be used in all doubles sections (Boys doubles, Girls doubles and Mixed). Please note, all singles sections will continue to use the deuce rule. In the doubles sections,
when a game score reaches 40-all the receiver will choose which side the ball is served to and the winner of the point will be awarded the game. It is the Committee’s hope that this will decrease the complexity level of the introductory sections and lead to fewer matches dragging on too long, leading to a more predictable time investment for players and parents.