North Eastern Junior Tennis Association


Please note the current version of
Singles Match Rules is July 2017
and Doubles Match Rules is JULY 2017

Any older versions should be discarded.
If you would like any additional printed copies of rules please email
[email protected]
The Match Rules includes Code of Dress, Code of Conduct, Tennis Etiquette
and Correcting Errors

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Download Doubles Match Rules

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The NEJTA believes that children playing in the higher doubles sections are capable of umpiring for themselves. This will be good preparation for when they are expected to umpire in singles. A parent can assist on the court in the first few weeks only if the players are unsure.� The parent is to give guidance only. The parent is not to overrule line calls.

  • Top 2 Boys doubles sections are to be umpired by the players, using the same method used in singles.
  • Players to do the scoring themselves.
  • The server should announce the game score before starting a game and the point score prior to each first serve � Loudly enough for his/her opponent/s to hear.
  • If players cannot agree on the score, they should calmly discuss the points/games that are disputed. If they then cannot reach agreement they should only replay the number of points/games that are in dispute i.e. two players cannot agree on whether the score is 40-30 or 30-40, but they do agree that they have won two points each. The game shall continue from 30-30. When the game score is in dispute the same principles apply with all agreed games standing and only disputed games being replayed.
  • Both teams to call balls out if appropriate at their end.
  • A decision must be made whether the ball is in or out.� If in doubt the ball is to be called in.
  • There is to be no out of court interference by other players or spectators.
  • The court supervisor can be called if necessary.