North Eastern Junior Tennis Association


 Follow this link for Flow Chart for Washout Procedures


When there is inclement weather, Junior Secretaries/Court Supervisors must be at their club by 7.15am (8.45am) to check on the condition of the courts.
Washouts are only to be declared from 7.15am if there is no chance of play for 8.00am matches and 8.45am for 9.30 start matches.
Only the Junior Secretary/Washout Coordinator can declare a washout, in which case player attendance will not be required.  If a washout is declared the following procedures MUST be followed. 

  • Junior Secretary/Washout Coordinator to enter washout notification details into Trols.
  • All players from Home and Away teams to check Trols to see if washout has been declared.
  • Away Team Managers to check Trols no earlier than 7.15am (8.45am) to see if attendance is required.
  • If a Washout has not been recorded on Trols then you MUST send the team.
  • You do not presume that it is a washout at an away venue because it is wet at your courts.

Entering Washouts

  • When a washout is declared each team is responsible for entering their players’ names into trols.
  • Use the ‘by phone’ icon on the right hand side of the scoring page to enter your players’ names and then click on washout.