North Eastern Junior Tennis Association

Spring 2022 important dates and a rule change

09 May 2022 |

See below for some important deadlines and an announcement of a rule change that will take effect from the Spring 2022 season onward.

Spring 2022 dates
The submission deadline for the Spring 2022 season is Wednesday 1 June and the deadline for player-initiated transfers is Wednesday 18 May. Team-initiated can be submitted at the same time as team submissions (1 June).

Team submissions will open on TROLS next Monday (16 May) in the evening (after the ladders are processed).

Spring 2022 rule change
Starting from the Spring 2022 season, the deuce rule will no longer be used in all doubles sections (Boys doubles, Girls doubles and Mixed). Please note, all singles sections will continue to use the deuce rule.

In the doubles sections, from next season, when a game score reaches 40-all the receiver will choose which side the ball is served to and the winner of the point will be awarded the game. It is the Committee’s hope that this will decrease the complexity level of the introductory sections and lead to fewer matches dragging on too long, leading to a more predictable time investment for players and parents.