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The Mudgee District Tennis Club (MDTC) is a not for profit incorporated association run entirely by volunteers.

It was founded more than 100 years ago and the first championship was held in 1912. Since then more than 70 championships have been held.

The first tennis court on the present site of the Mudgee Tennis Club courts was laid in 1889. Its tarred surface proved
to be unsuccessful and was ultimately replaced by an ant bed court. Ant bed courts remained in use at the Mudgee Tennis Club until the current bitumen surfaces were installed in the 1980s. Since then, the bitumen surfaces have been upgraded to either acrylic hardcourts or synthetic grass. Today we boast 8 synthetic grass courts, 1 acrylic hardcourt and 4 Red Ball Shots acrylic hardcourts. All courts have floodlighting.

Our aim is to provide high quality tennis facilities for persons of all abilities and ages, from Hot Shot tennis and juniors, through to adults and senior citizens.

Mudgee District Tennis Club Committee 2018-19

President Angus Macdonald
Senior Vice President Ashley Diprose
Junior Vice President Vera Nolan
Treasurer Edward George
Secretary Geoff Gilmore
Publicity and Records Officer Heather Cregan
Sponsorship Manager Jed Coghlan
Facility Co-ordinator Malcolm Power

Life Members

Max Morgan Eileen Falk

Club Constitution
Mudgee District Tennis Club – Club Constitution

Club Champions Seniors

Club Champions Juniors

Do you have any questions, feedback or concerns regarding the club? We’d love to hear from you. Email: [email protected].

In the unlikely event of an injury or incident occurring at the Mudgee District Tennis Club, please click here to download an incident report form and return to the Secretary as soon as possible.