7 February 2019 | Tennis Tasmania

Super 10s is an exciting developmental competition for boys and girls who are born in either 2009, 2010 or 2011 (and up to March 2008) with a focus on team-based play and fostering developmental attributes and behaviours.

Players interested in participating in the Super 10s season will need to register via the FREE link below. Once registered, players will be provided the opportunity to attend a Challenge Day throughout Hobart & Launceston with qualified, experienced coaches and selectors.

The dates of these Challenge Days are as follows:

North – Tennis World, Launceston, 57 Racecourse Cr, Launceston Saturday 2 March 2pm-4pm
South – Domain Tennis Centre, 2 Davies Avenue, Hobart Sunday 3 March 10am-1pm

To be eligible for Super 10s selection you will need to register for the Challenge Day and must still be aged 10 on the last day of March, 2019. Once selected, you must also be available for all rounds of season #1, see below dates. If you cannot make the Challenge Day date in your region but still want to be considered for the season competition, please register for the challenge day (via the link) and email [email protected] for an exemption.

Register here for Season #1 Super 10s Challenge Day’s

Invitations for the subsequent Super 10s season will be sent out after the conclusion each region’s challenge day. Please note selected players will be required to pay season fees of $100 (Hobart) and $80 (Launceston).

Key Competencies

As a guideline for participation in Super 10s, players should be able to perform the following green ball key competencies. If unsure, please speak to your child’s private coach to assess whether Super 10s is the appropriate competition for the player’s stage of development.

– Differentiate speed and spin on first and second serves
– Rally crosscourt for 10–15 shots varying height over the net, depth, speed and spin
– Use approach, drive volley, volley and overhead in an offensive way
– Be coachable. Ability to listen and engage with coaches. Being respectful to officials, coaches, teammates, opposition and parents
– Display independence, pack their own bag for matches and practice, and complete a regular warm-up routine and practice regularly without a coach.

2019 Season #1 Dates

Please click on the below link to view Season #1 dates and times in Hobart & Launceston.

For more Super 10s information please contact Trent Constance, Talent Manager, email [email protected] or call 0481 037 163.