Competitive Play Calendar
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The new Competitive Play Calendar offers level-based opportunities to help you find the right competitive play experience for you.
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Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) (143)
Learn about the Universal Tennis Rating that has been used to power all forms of Competitive Play Events since 1 January 2022.
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Player Pathway + Competition Matrix
Figure out what your level is on the unified pathway, and which competition will suit you best
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More Information

Competitive Play Framework + FAQs
We answer all your questions about the new Australian Competitive Play Framework and everything you need to know to compete..
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Competitive Play Blueprint
We’ve summarised the key findings from the Competitive Play Review for you.
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Regulations and Code of Behaviour
Find the Competitive Play Regulations and the Code of Behaviour.
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STL Rules and Regulations
Southern Tennis League (STL) is a competition run in the south of the state.
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