Southern Peninsula Tennis Association







Proposed teams must be lodged on any number of forms provided by the Association.

(a) Team Nomination Sheet

(b) Player Registration Sheet

(c) New Player Registration Sheet

(d) Club Information and Fee Sheet

Completed forms MUST be lodged with the Association no later than the date indicated.

All forms must be completed fully.



2.1 All players registered with Clubs will automatically be carried forward to the following season. Clubs should review their list prior to submitting teams, and delete players who are no longer financial members of their club or, will not be required.

2.2 – Reserved

2.3 Automatic registration of a player will follow for a player appearing on the result sheet for the first time.

2.4 To be registered, player must be financial, honorary or life member of any Club affiliated with the Association.



3.1 The Grading Committee may tie a player on whose standards the grading of a team is based and grade all other players submitted for registration

3.2 Players will be tied to the section after playing six (6) matches in that section or higher, and CANNOT play down without a permit from the Grading Committee.

3.3 Emergency players may alternate between teams in the same section without restriction. The Grading Committee may tie up half of the players to be permanent members of a team within a section, and they may not change teams within a section, without prior written approval from the Association. The players not tied may alternate without restriction during the season. The Grading Committee may, at any time re-tie players if it appears a club is attempting to gain an unfair advantage. A request for un-tieing of a player MUST be made in writing to the Match Secretary.

3.4 A player not on a Clubs’ registered player list, may play up to five (5) matches in the specific competition without restriction, before being tied by the Grading Committee. Should the player be judged to be playing in a section below their standard, the Grading Committee may, at its discretion award the set/games in the match in which the player played, to the opposition team/s, by the maximum to nil.

3.5  *Nominated players on whom a team is GRADED may be required to play a minimum of 50% of the competition. Should such players not meet this requirement without good reason, the Club may be fined up to a maximum of $20 or be prevented from playing such player in the finals series ( * Note: nominated by the GRADING COMMITTEE prior to season )

3.6 A tolerance may be allowed where a players tieing does not equate aptly. For instance – if a club has more than one team, and the grading between them is greater than 2 sections, a player from a highter team and not to be seen to be noticeably stronger than the player in the lower team may alternate and be subject to Rule 3.2.

If it appears a team is seeking an unfair advantage over others by playing the regularly, the players tieing may be reviewed at any time during the season. Sets and games the player plays may be forfeited.



4.1 The season will be as decided by the Grading Committee for all seasons.



5.1 Matches must be played on the courts as shown in the fixtures unless both captains agree to a change of venue. Undercover courts and indoor courts are not permitted to be used, except for Finals matches authorised by the Committee.

5.2 Matches shall be played under ” Tennis Australia Rules”. “Rules of Tennis” booklet MUST be available for reference.

5.3 Fees for Night Competition shall be $5 per player per night, payable to the HOST CLUB.



6.1 Teams of four  (4 ) men or four ( 4 ) ladies, using a minimum of one court. Suggested order of play.

1 & 2 play 1 & 2

3 & 4 play 3 & 4

1 & 3 play 1 & 3

2 & 4 play 2 & 4

1 & 4 play 1 & 4

2 & 3 play 2 & 3

playing six game set, with a tiebreak at 6 -6 in all sets

6.2 Teams of two ( 2 ) men and two ( 2 ) ladies, using a minimum of one court. Suggested order of play

Mens Doubles

Ladies Doubles

and four mixed sets

No 1 man and lady play No 1 man and lady

No 2 man and lady play No 2 man and lady

No 1 man & No 2 lady play No 1 man and No 2 lady

No 2 man & No 1 lady play No 2 man & No 1 lady

playing six game sets, with a tiebreak at 6 – 6 in all sets



7.1 All matches are to commence at 7:30pm. The Host Club are required to have lights on ( if necessary ) in readiness for play by 7.15pm

7.2 Teams unable to commence play at the required time will automatically lose the first set. Teams more than half a hour late shall forfeit the match. Both these penalties apply unless otherwise decided by the Committee.

7.3 The hit-up time MUST be limited to three ( 3 ) minutes after the scheduled starting time of the match.



8.1 In the event of WET or INCLEMENT WEATHER the Home Club shall contact the Visiting Club before 6.30pm. If the Club Representative fail to agree to a cancellation by phone, and one team fails to attend the courts, the non attending team will have the maximum score to nil awarded against them.

8.2 For all washouts where matches have commenced, or both teams have attended, the home team shall submit the completed score sheet using the website, ( within 48 hours). Listed players will be recorded by the Match Secretary and can be used for qualifying purposes as stated in Rule 12. Sets and games played shall be computed for percentage.

8.3 For washouts agreed by PHONE – the Home team must submit a score sheet

8.4 Reserved



9.1 Matches are decided on sets, and then if required, the result is on games.

9.2 Clubs shall retain a copy of ALL score sheets of matches played during the season. Score books / sheets will be provided for each team for this purpose

9.3 The HOME team is responsible for submitting results of all matches within 48 HOURS of the completion of the match. Failure to submit scores results in maximum points to nil to the opposition team.

9.4 Reserved

9.5 RESULTS OF FINALS MATCHES are to be submitted by the HOME team, by 12 noon the following day

9.6 Reserved

9.7 Matches not completed shall be abandoned and points shared, unless one team has an unbeatable lead. Any sets and games played shall be computed by the teams concerned for percentages.

9.8 Wins count four  ( 4 ) points, ties and washouts two  ( 2 ) points. No points or scores are credited if a team fails to submit a copy.

9.9 Teams playing any pair out of order shall lose those sets by 6 games to nil.



10.1 Forfeiting Team – A team forfeiting a match MUST advise the opposing team by 6.45pm Penalty – $20 if the opposing team attends the venue. These fines will increase by $10 for every subsequent offence, for any team failing comply.

10.2 Reserved

10.3 Reserved



11.1 The top four teams in each section shall play off under the Page System unless there are six teams in a section, whereby the team which finishes first on the ladder at the end of the season playes the winner of the Preliminary Final played between the team who finish second and third on the premiership ladder at the end of the season.

11.2 Teams equal on points shall be separated by percentage. Such percentage will be determined by: sets for divided by sets against, multiplied by 100 over 1. If percentage is then equal the same formula shall be used on games for and games against.

11.3 In the event of a tie, the SUPER TIEBREAKER is employed. The format for play is set out on the score sheet provided.

11.4 Finals shall be played on neutral courts, and where possible, a similar surface to the team finishing higher on the ladder, unless either captain requests to use the courts of the opposing team, or if available, another mutually agreed on venue. Requests for a specific/ alternate venue must be forwarded with the results of the last home and away match. The HOST club shall provide a referee. Host-club facilities must be available by 7pm

GRAND FINALS shall be played at a Central Venue. Association will provide the required referees.

11.5 All Clubs courts shall be at the disposal of the Association for all Finals. The referee is required to sign the score sheet on completion of finals matches.

11.6 In the event of wet/inclement weather during finals, the appointed wet weather contact of the HOST CLUB shall reach a decision at 6:15pm. If the decision made is to suspend play for that night, the contacts for the teams involved shall be notified by 6.30pm. The decision reached by the rostered host club will be final. The HOST club is required to notify the Match Secretary of suspended matches according to arrangements advised for results.

11.7 In the event of wet/inclement weather during scheduled semi finals and/or preliminary finals, matches will be re-scheduled by the Association on the ensuing corresponding night, up to and including the ” if required” date. Matches may be played earlier by mutual agreement and arrangement by the opposing teams. All finals matches, including Grand Final unplayed on or before the “if required” date will be abandoned and the team which finished highest on the ladder at the end of the home and away matches, and has not yet been eliminated, or any team having won their way to the Grand Final, will be declared the premier team of the season.

11.8 Suitable pennants and trophies shall be presented to the premiers and runners-up of each section.



12.1 To qualify for the finals series a player will meet at least one ( 1 ) of the following criteria:

12.2 Was registered for the original team submitted to the Association, regardless of the number of matches played.

12.3 has played at least three ( 3 ) of the scheduled ( 14/15) home and away matches with the club in the relevant competition in a lower graded team

12.4 has played in two ( 2 ) matches with the club in the relevant competition, as an emergency during the season, where more than 50% of scheduled matches in 3 or more rounds have been declared ” over the phone ” washouts

12.5 has played more than 50% of the scheduled (14/15) matches for a team which has failed to make the finals of its section, Such player may substitute for an unavailable player representing the same club  in the same section, provided the replacement player is considered by the Grading Committee to be not of a higher standard than the unavailable player.

12.6 will not be playing lower than his/her grading or tieing allows, except where a permit has been granted by the Grading Committee.

12.7 If it is required for a ” registered”, eligible but unqualified player to be made qualified to play in a finals match, the Club must submit to the Grading Committee a WRITTEN list of at least three ( 3 ) AVAILABLE players, not considered noticeably stronger than the player to be replaced. The player being replaced must be advised to the Grading Committee, who will then make a decision on which player or players will be qualified. The Grading Committee has the right to either allow, disallow any or all of the players concerned to take part in the finals.

  • NOTE – the player must be on the Clubs current registered player list, or have played in the relevant competition for the club during the season.


12a.1 Teams unable to field a team on a gazetted public holiday, i.e Queen’s  Birthday Monday are permitted to delay play by up to 48 hours by mutual agreement. The teams must notify the host club and the Match Secretary prior to the scheduled date



13.1 Make courts available at 7pm

13.2 Ensure score sheets are filled in prior to the commencement of play.

13.3 Ensure  correct tennis attire is worn by players

13.4 In the event of late attendance by players the referee must refer to the guidelines issued to the club for the finals series

13.5 The referee is required to sign the score sheet on completion of any finals match.



14.1 A substitute shall be allowed to take the place of any player who is prevented through illness, accidental disablement or any good and sufficient reason from taking part or continuing in a match, provided that such substitute shall not take the place of a player in a set which has already commenced.

14.2 However should a FINALS MATCH be incomplete and be set down by the Grading Committee for completion on a subsequent date, a substitute, approved by the that Committee may take the place of a team member from the point at which play was halted, provided such team member is unable to continue due to illness, accidental disablement or any good and sufficient reason.

14.3 Reserved



If any grounds for a protest arise, the match should or should not be played ” under protest” Protests should be noted by endorsing the score sheet ” PROTEST PENDING”, and both captains must sign the endorsement. Full details must be emailed to the Match Secretary within 48 hours of the match and must be submitted through the PROTESTING CLUB. The club may be charged a fee of twenty dollars ( $20 ) at discretion of the Committee.



16.1 For team withdrawn after the grading and before the season commences – PENALTY : fine of $50

16.2 For team withdrawn after the season commences – PENALTY : fine of $50



All players are registered to the Association and therefore may play with any affiliated club as an emergency, providing their tieing permits. A tolerance may be allowed where a players tieing does not equate exactly to the second club. If it appears a team is seeking an unfair advantage over others by playing the player regularly, the players tieing may be reviewed at any time during the season. Sets and games the player played may be forfeited.



18.1 For all home and away matches, the home team shall provide two ( 2 ) pairs of new balls of approved Tennis Australia standard per match.

18.2 Both teams shall provide two ( 2 ) new balls for finals matches



Regulation tennis attire must be worn at all times….

Amended September 2016