Southern Peninsula Tennis Association

Committee Meetings

At the 2019 AGM it was decided that we need to hold more meeting

Tuesday 12th November 2019 @ Boneo TC  7.30pm

Tennis Vic – Get Your Racquet On! / Open Court Sessions

Nathan Phillips ~ Club Development Officer / Tennis Vic

Followed by a  Q & A and discussion on the following topics

* Changes to Summer 2020 due to lighting issues

* Round Robin short season over summer

* Changes to format for Mixed Competition

* Inclusion of other clubs on the Peninsula into the SPTA

* Use of ” Team App” as communication




Tuesday 12th November 2019, 7.30pm



Attendance – Delegates from Boneo, Sorrento, Dromana, Main Ridge, Rye, RedHill, Rosebud & Mt Martha. Nathan & Mike from Tennis Victoria

Apologies – St Andrews & Shoreham

General Business

The night commenced with and Address by Tennis Victoria regarding their Open court sessions program followed by on court demo / activity

Question & Answer on Open court Program

SPTA asked whether we can run the program collaboratively as a region to keep up the energy the program requires to be successful. Each club interested in being part of the program needs to register with Tennis Victoria.

The suggestion was to get an idea of when each club wants to run their sessions – what day & time – so not as to poach participants from each other. Also to rotate the sessions between the interested clubs so that each club doesn’t need to host something each week.

Topics for Discussion

Changes to summer season due to lighting issues – SPTA need to find out how many courts we have available with adequate and safe lighting to work out how to run the competition next season and if those clubs with lighting are willing to let other clubs without lights use their facilities.

Round robin short season over summer – Response was that many people are away for it to run successfully and that at club level social tennis be played over summer with invitations sent to all clubs to invite any players to come along.

Changes to format for Mixed competition – Heather from Rye explained the program they’re currently running at their club and whether that format could be used by the association as the format for Mixed tennis next season, using a round robin, ability based schedule. Mt Martha explained how their mixed tennis program works in this way. Each club would take it in turns to host.

Inclusion of other clubs on the Peninsula to SPTA – Suggestion to invite clubs currently outside the Southern Peninsula to become part of the association. Invitation to be extended to Mt Martha, Balnarring, Somers & Bittern. Anticipate any changes would not start until winter season 2020.

Use of “Team App” as communication – discussion on Use of team App to notify of washouts, venue changes etc. Noted it is use by PTA for juniors and works well. Aim to have set up for the start of the new season.

Costs of SPTA – revenue ideas – Michelle notified everyone that SPTA is currently covering costs with the current charges to clubs & teams. It was suggested that fines for forfeits be re-introduced, but not everyone was happy with that. Possibility of increasing team registrations to $35 to be inline with PTA team registrations.

To Do List –                                                                                          Action by –

  • Contact clubs to find out “Open court” interest Michelle
  • Contact clubs re light & court availability – Michelle
  • Contact clubs to assess number wanting to play Mixed tennis Michelle
  • Send invitation to new clubs re joining SPTA Michelle

Date for next meeting – to be confirmed