26 June 2024 | Tennis Tasmania

Tasmania’s George Anderson won the mens 2024 Premier 10k Darwin Open against local Nicolas Tremblay in a 3 set match that went down to the wire in the Darwin heat.

In the mens doubles final, Nicolas Tremblay and George Anderson were back on court against each other with Tremblay partnering with Dante Parriera, and Anderson partnering with fellow Tasmanian, Campbell Young.

Anderson and Young took out the match with great camaraderie between all of the players out on court.

Remarkably, 10 months after a major soccer injury, Launceston’s Young is reaching new heights in the tennis world having spent three weeks in Darwin playing three different tournaments.

“It’s a big change playing against people at that level, so it was tricky trying to adapt to their shot quality and intensity but eventually I think I did a pretty good job,” Young said.

“Some of the good wins I’ve gotten have really motivated me to keep going because I can see where my tennis is getting towards,” he said.

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