Piccadilly Tennis Club

My Courts

As a fully paid up Piccadilly Tennis Club member, you are entitled to use the courts free of charge whenever they are available (ie when there are no matches or training, or if another member isn’t already using them).

To make it easier for members to access the courts, we have installed a combination padlock. 

The code will be changed every month.

Please don’t share the code with anyone.  You have paid a reasonable amount of money to use the courts, why should you provide the code to anyone else so they can use them for free? 

People who are already members can obtain the code by clicking on the “Accept” button below and following the procedures.  It’s really simple and only takes five minutes (at the most).

Anyone who is not already a member can join as a social member by clicking on the link below:


Please find following the terms and conditions for court use by all members and their guests.  They’re pretty basic and amount to common sense and good manners really.

  • Only use the courts for playing tennis.  In particular, please do not ride scooters, skate boards, rip sticks, bikes or any other wheeled contraptions on the courts.
  • Treat the facilities with respect
  • Use all equipment with care
  • Keep the code to the combination padlock secret.  Don’t even tell other people who play for Piccadilly, as they may not have paid their fees yet.
  • Ensure that the courts are left tidy and locked
  • Report any damage or breakages to [email protected]
  • Pay for the replacement of anything you damage
  • Be considerate and respectful of our neighbours.  Please don’t be too noisy or use the lights too late at night.

We know that it will be second nature for you to do these things.  We are proud of our courts.  They are of a high quality and have an excellent playing surface.  Obviously we will take it seriously if anyone doesn’t use them properly. 

Please click the button below to accept the terms and conditions above and to obtain the code for the combination padlock: