5 June 2020 | Tennis NT

UPDATED: JULY 3rd, 2021

  1. The Territory Check-In App has become mandatory for use in all NT businesses, shopping centres, venues and events. Pen and paper will still be permitted. People will be required to check in everywhere they go, no matter how long you spend at that location.
  2. Face masks must be worn when you are unable to physically distance.
    1. As per CHO Direction No 26, a person is not required to wear a mask:
  1. If the person is a child under the age of 12 years;
  2. The person is engaged in vigorous outdoor exercise or swimming
  1. Indoor gymnasiums and indoor sporting or recreation facilities must be closed to the public
  2. If you have a canteen or provide food for sale at your venue people must be seated when eating
  3. Whilst children under the age of 12 aren’t required to wear a mask, they must still be able to physically distance

All facilities must have the Territory Check In QR Code system in place prior to reopening. Register for a QR Code at

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