Murrabit Lawn Tennis Club

Junior Tennis Coaching

Junior Tennis coaching will begin on thursday the 27th of October at 5:30pm with Barry and Pam Lingenberg. The cost will be $20 for 7 weeks of coaching. All welcome, especially parents to help cook BBQ, fetch balls and use the racquets!! Thanks

Junior Tennis Coaching is available to junior tennis players on a Thursday night during the tennis season from 5pm to 6:30pm. This coaching is taken by Barry and Pam Lingenberg and all children of all abilities are most welcome to come.

We have been fortunate enough to have new equipment for sessions provided by a VicHealth Active Clubs grant.

For season 2010/11 pricing was $20 for 6 weeks of coaching which included BBQ tea and an icy pole after each session. Fees were to be paid on first night of attendance.

Season 2011/12 fees and session dates have not been discussed but will follow the same prinicple.