Tennis Queensland Metropolitan Region

Aspire Tennis/Top Tennis Academy Challenge

20 June 2015 |

On Sunday 14th June, Aspire Tenius ran their second club tournament of the year; the French Open in partnership with Top Tennis Academy at their clay courts in Leichardt. With about 60 entries into the tournament over 5 events, all participants enjoyed the day and many of our players got to play on clay for their first time!

Here are the results:
Orange Ball Singles Winner & Runner Up: Kavya Peiris & Sienna Bradley
Orange Ball Doubles Winners & Runners Up: Kavya Peiris & Chatta Peiris def James Hodgson & Flynn Anstey

Green Ball Singles Winner & Runner Up: Tyler Gumiremete & Sharni Higgins
Green Ball Doubles Winners & Runners Up: Tyler Gumiremete & Travis Gumiremete def Clint Pomeroy & Lachlan Corta

12/Under Singles Winner & Runner Up: William Johnstone & Joel Culley
12/Under Doubles Winners & Runner Up: Joel Culley & Josh Buagus def William Johnstone & Hayden Ladewig

16/Under Singles Winner & Runner Up: Dylan Eassie & Zac Ross
16/Under Doubles Winners & Runner Up: Dylan & Aidan Eassie def Fletcher Green & Brandon Logan-Brown

Mens Singles Winner & Runner Up: Bruno Aleixo & Paul Aleixo
Mens Doubles Winners & Runners Up: Bruno Aleixo & Jacob Rowe def Paul Aleixo & Stephen Ladewig

Well done to all of the participants involved! A big thank you to Mitch and Leon for organising a successful day of Tennis.