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Junior Development Series

JDS finals

The Junior Development Series (JDS) allows young tennis players to compete and develop their skills before entering into the next stage of development. The JDS tournaments are an important stage of development as it allows the players to compete in a fun and competitive environment.

The State Finals will be held in Rockhampton on the 17th/18th October 2015. In total 16 players will be selected to compete against other regions in Queensland to ultimately be crowned JDS State Champions.

In 2015, the Junior Development Series will host Red ball, Orange Ball and Green ball to allow for ANZ Tennis Hotshot participants to compete against people outside of their local clubs. This will create a better pathway and a positive transition into full size and regular ball play. For more details on ANZ Tennis Hotshots please click here.

Junior Development Series 2015

$45 for singles and doubles (for all yellow ball events), $35 for singles and doubles (for all coloured ball events).

Click here to view a entry form or enter via the Tennis Brisbane website.

Click here to visit the Tennis Brisbane website.

Age restriction for JDS Tournaments in the Metropolitan Region

Age at the end of the month of the tournament that they are playing in (e.g. 1 – If a player turns 12 on the 23rd March and the tournament finishes on the 1st March – they must play in the 13U age group)

JDS Finals (Rockhampton) selection – Metropolitan region

The players chosen will be the top 2 in the relevant age groups (e.g. 2 x under 11 girls, 2 x under 11 boys, 2 x under 13 girls and so on…)

There is a points race taken throughout the year – visit the Tennis Brisbane website for this.

There is no minimum number of tournaments to play in 2015 under the new system.

To see the allocation of points for each age group click here.

This means that if players enter to play a higher age group they will gather more points towards their ranking. 


Age eligibility for the JDS Finals (Rockhampton) – Tennis Queensland requirement

Players need to play in the age that they will be as of 31st December of the year.

More information on  JDS events?

For any further information on the JDS Finals please contact the Tournament Department at [email protected] or on (07) 3120 7900.