FNQ regional assembly - Junior Development Series

Disciplinary Process

WholeHealth Points Race

U10 (Green) U11 and U13 (Yellow) evens will be participating in the WholeHealth Points Race.

Points will be allocated as follows:

1st = 150 points 2nd = 110 points 3rd = 75 points
4th = 60 points 5th = 40 points 6th = 30 points
7th = 25 points 8th = 13 points 9th + = 5 points

Code Violations:

Any Points Race player receiving a Code Violation will lose 20 points with the 1st Code Violation; 2nd Code will lose 40 points and a Point Penalty imposed; 3rd Code Violation will see all points for that event lost and be defaulted from the even. In addition, it will attract a review by the TCS.

U15 and U17 events

Offences are accumulative. Best behaviour means giving players a better chance of playing their best tennis.

Upon the third standard code violation, the TSC will review the details on a case by case basis and determine is such behaviour warrants suspension of participation for the next FNQ JDS event.