FNQ regional assembly - Junior Development Series

Dear Players and Parents,

Welcome to the 2018-2020 Far North Queensland Junior Development Series.

The FNQ Regional Assembly and the Tournament and Competitions Sub-committee are the overarching committees responsible for ensuring quality and fair opportunities are provided that develop and promote tennis for all school age children in the region. They acknowledge the work by the previous JDS Coordinator Wayne Fielder and recognise the new JDS Circuit Administrators Nicky Mayer and Leon Awee.

The FNQ JDS is made up of six rounds of JDS events with the main venues being held in Mareeba, Cairns and Innisfail. Other smaller venues may be used as required. In addition, two events – the JDS Finals event and a Teams event – will follow later in the year. The JDS is a feature localised event on the tennis calendar that is held across all states and territories. This event is an integral part of the Tennis Australia developmental program, not only for its sporting benefits, but also for the immense educational, cultural and social benefits it will provide for all participants. To make it even more special, we will be introducing the WholeHealth Points Race for the Greenball, U11 and U 13 age events.

We would like to congratulate all players on their selection and wish you an enjoyable and rewarding experience as you reach for your goals in your tennis journey.

Our sincere thanks the FNQ Regional Assembly and the Tournament and the Competitions Sub-committee, and all of our sponsors, Tennis Queensland, the Fowler’s Group, Wholehealth and Raebon Trophies and suppliers for their invaluable contribution in ensuring the success of the 2018 FNQ JDS.

We have put together this webpage in the hope that it will assist you as participate in the JDS events throughout the year. The webpage contains helpful information ranging from preparing to play tennis, tips on the rules of tennis, and Code of Conduct. We hope it will be a great reference tool for you.


We did our best to cover the most frequently asked topics, but as always, please let us know if you have additional questions or concerns that are not covered in the webpage. We look forward to working with you to provide an enjoyable game of tennis!


We  wish everyone an enjoyable and memorable time during the 2018 JDS.

Nicky Mayer and Leon Awee

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