Tennis Seniors


The History:
The Veteran Lawn Tennis Club of Australia was formed on the 11th of February, 1970 in Melbourne ‘To encourage the playing of Lawn Tennis in the spirit it was first played, for the Love and enjoyment of the Game’.

The SA Veterans Tennis Association was formed in 1972 and has gone from Strength to Strength with Membership now approaching over 600 States wide. You are eligible to join the Association when you are at least 35 years of age or older and can stay a member for the rest of your life. Night competitions are played at our complex of 18 Synthetic Grass Courts in the City of Adelaide which we share with Pulteney Grammar School. We have over 400 members in Adelaide and about 140 country members in our 4 rural divisions. There are over 4300 members throughout Australia with players in all States and Territories and in all age groups which are divided into 5 Year Groups. At the AGM on the 15th of August, 2006 the name ‘Veterans’ was replaced with the word ‘Seniors’ and the new name became ‘The Tennis Seniors Association of SA Inc’.