2 February 2015 | Tennis NT

The Northern Territory Boy’s and Girl’s teams have finished 4th and 6th respectively in the Super 10’s National Final held at the National Tennis Centre in Melbourne during the second week of the Australian Open.

The Boy’s team started the round robin matches off with wins over WA and ACT on the clay courts and went down to QLD on the indoor courts.

NT 3-42 def 3-41 WA
NT 1-28 def by 4-47 QLD
NT 3-56 def 2-25 ACT

This left the Boys’ team in second position after the round robin matches, earning them a spot in the Premiership draw. Although the boys’ gave it their best shot they were unable to overcome the other three teams (QLD, NSW, SA) finishing in 4th position.

NT 1-28 def by 4-47 QLD
NT 1-25 def by 5-59 NSW
NT 2-31 def by 3-37 SA

Boys’ team consisted of Patrick Findlay, Jett Leong, Peter Politis and Nicolas Tremblay with coach Pat Coburn

The Girl’s team had a slow start to the competition, going down to WA and QLD on the Clay and Indoor courts respectively. However, the girls fought back to secure a one game win over ACT.

NT 0-13 def by 6-72 WA
NT 0-4 def by 6-70 QLD
NT 3-37 def 3-36 ACT

This left the Girls’ team in third position after the round robin matches, putting them into the Championship draw. The girls’ started off strong with wins over ACT and TAS but were unable to secure a third win, going down to VIC and finishing in 6th position.

NT 3-37 def 3-36 ACT
NT 6-60 def 0-13 TAS
NT 0-07 def by 6-59 VIC

Girls’ team consisted of Trephina Campbell, Jemma Gossow, Anna Kruger and Maya Kruger with coach Benita Bittner.