NT Open Championships

The 2020 NT Open Championships will mark the 94th Year of the tennis championships.

Friday 11th- Sunday 13th September, Darwin International Tennis Centre





NT Open Champions Perpetual Trophies
Parap Cup (Men)
Barden Trophy (Women)

Tennis NT considers the Parap Cup to have historical and social significance for the Northern Territory. The Parap Cup was nominated in 1990 to be named as a National Trust Cultural Heritage Icon, but was not recognised.

Northern Agencies Ltd presented the cup to the Darwin Tennis Association in 1920 as a perpetual trophy for the Men’s Singles Championships event. It was a very handsome donation at a time when life in Darwin was difficult for many residents. In 1919 Vestey’s Meat Works had closed so that of the 1000 or so non-Aboriginal men living in the town, almost a third were unemployed. Of those working, about 160 people were government employees. Even though the community was small, the Tennis Association appears to have been a hard working and enthusiastic group doing its best to promote the game of tennis.

The sterling silver cup possibly derived its name from the courts where the first Championship event was played in 1920. It cost male competitors 3 shillings to nominate for the Men’s Singles and in the 1930s the Association introduced the practice of presenting the winner with a miniature cup as a keepsake.

In 1945 Barden’s Pharmacy presented the Darwin Tennis Association with a perpetual trophy for the Women’s Singles Championship event.

In 1939, with war threatening, the tournament was suspended. Mr Hurtle Bald, the Postmaster was President of the Tennis Association at that time. He and his wife were keen players. Records show that Hurtle officiated as umpire for the Men’s Championship while Mrs Bald competed in the Women’s Doubles event. Sadly the Bald family was killed when the town was bombed on 19 February 1942. After the war the Parap Cup was found in the rubble of the bombed post office. It was badly damaged and had to be sent south to be expertly repaired. Ironically the first winner of the trophy when the tournament resumed in 1947, was L.J.S Hargreaves, a postal employee.

After Cyclone Tracy in 1974, the cup went missing again but fortunately was restored to the Association in time for the 1975 Championships.

The Parap Cup also has social significance for all tennis lovers. Tennis has been consistently played in the Territory and continues to make a contribution to the social life of all Territory centres, bringing players together through a series of tournaments culminating in the prestigious annual NT Open Championships. As well as local competitors, the Championships attract interstate and overseas players.

Why does Tennis NT consider the Parap Cup to be a Cultural Heritage icon?

The Parap Cup has been the most significant trophy for NT tennis players since 1920. It has significance also for the wider community because of its association with the history of Darwin. It was presented to the Association when the town was economically depressed in the 1920s; it survived the bombing of Darwin in 1942 and later the havoc of Cyclone Tracy in 1974.

It has become a symbol of the tennis community’s commitment to the development of the sport in the Territory as well as a reminder of the growth of the game since 1920. Local players and administrators are understandably very proud of the Parap Cup believing it to be one of the most illustrious trophies of any sporting body in the Northern Territory.


Men’s Singles Women’s Singles
2019  C. White N. Russell
2018 H.Bouchier A. Marshall
2017 D. Polkinghorne A. Smith
2016 D. Polkinghorne M. Haet
2015 V. Crivoi Z. Zlochova
2014 D. Polkinghorne Z. Zlochova
2013 K. Hensel I. Holland
2012 R. Palfrey E. Burns
2011 J. James T. Tipungwuti
2010 E. Bourchier A. Hadzic
2009 E. Bourchier J. Swift
2008 C. Marsland A. Hadzic
2007 E. Bourchier N. Ferguson
2006 C. Letcher N. Ferguson
2005 S. Robertson A. Brown
2004 B. Howen M. Sorbello
2003 M. Leong K. Condon
2002 B. McLennan D. McIntyre
2001 B. McLennan N. T. K. Trang
2000 M. MacMahon D. Blackwell
1999 S. Martin D. McIntyre
1998 J. Gould N. Sewell
1997 J. Gould D. Blackwell
1996 M. MacMahon D. Blackwell
1995 D. Culley R. Balodis
1994 D. Culley D. Blackwell
1993 D. Culley D. Blackwell
1992 M. Hill R. Tucker
1991 P. Davis R. Tucker
1990 B. Tucker R. Walker
1989 W. Foote C. Biurra
1988 W. Foote C. Finnegan
1987 W. Foote M. Lonergan
1986 A. Evans L. Weetaseke
1985 A. Evans K. Ballard
1984 N. Coltos S. Duigan
1983 K. Robinson C. Miller
1982 A. Lane N. Leipus
1981 A. Lane J. Brimson
1980 R. Berry J. Brimson
1979 R. Berry J. Brimson
1978 R. Staines J. Brimson
1977 R. Berry L. Horton
1976 R. Staines K. Clothier
1975 I. Bidmeade L. Horton
1974 W. Ravenswood R. Theiss
1973 W. Ravenswood J. Brimson
1972 W. Ravenswood S. Klose
1971 W. Ravenswood S. Klose
1970 W. Ravenswood L. Young
1969 W. Ravenswood Y. Cosgrove
1968 W. Ravenswood Y. Cosgrove
1967 R. Berrry Y. Cosgrove
1966 W. Ravenswood A. May
1965 K. Chin M. Callier
1964 K. Chin C. McConaghy
1963 K. Chin J. Calvert
1962 R. Forscutt J. Calvert
1961 E. Hamilton J. Calvert
1960 E. Hamilton J. Koehne
1959 E. Hamilton V. Clarke
1958 R. Forscutt V. Clarke
1957 K. Chin V. Clarke
1956 J.Casson S. Robertson
1955 J. Faull V. Clarke
1954 J. Trama Miss Radford
1953 A. Alle Unknown
1952 N. Belle Mrs Hart
1951 H. Chia Not Conducted
1950 E. Davies Not Conducted
1949 J. Falk Not Conducted
1948 A. Swan Not Conducted
1947 E. Hargreaves Not Conducted
1940-46 Not Conducted Not Conducted
1939 H. Foster Not Conducted
1938 K. Fuller D. Abott
1937 A. Dawson D. Abbott
1936 K. Fuller Mrs Smythe
1935 A. Bush Unknown
1934 C. Webb Unknown
1933 C. Webb Mrs Forster
1932 R. Edwards M. Lord
1931 C. Webb L. James
1930 K. Curry L. James
1929 G. Webb Unknown
1928 R. Edwards Ms Blesser
1927 R. Edwards
1926 H. Naylor
1925 A. Brown
1924 A. Brown
1923 G. Feakes
1922 J. MacKenzie
1921 E. Dennis
1920 E. Dennis