Special Service Awards

The Award is intended to recognise outstanding, significant, long term service to tennis in the Northern Territory.

The Tennis NT Board decides in its absolute discretion the nominations to recommend to the Annual General Meeting.

A nominee will be granted a Special Service Award if the Annual General Meeting so resolves by a majority of at least two-thirds of officers present and entitled to vote.

Nov 2016 Kathy Brummitt
Nov 2010 Nicky Mayer
Mar 2008 Brendan Higgins
Feb 2007 Di MacDonald
Brenton Milner
Mar 2006 Ivy Batten (dec)
Stephen Brown
Jaki Hill Connolly
Feb 2004 Warren Foote
Mereme Hyde
Mar 2003 Maggie Burke
Carl Black
Patrick Coburn
Paul Ngamoki
Feb 2001 Colin Keily
Feb 2000 Jan Horsfall
Horry Kneebone (dec)
Lyle Lee
Feb 1999 John Britton
Betty Crabb
Mike Geddes
Julie Mortensen
Geoff Vandendriesen (dec)