Metro Masters Tennis Association


Metro Masters Tennis Association (Previously Eastern Mid-Week Veteran’s Tennis Association)

The geographic area of this competition covers mainly the north eastern region and currently ranges from Norris Bank (Bundoora) in the west to Kilsyth in the east with a total of 19 clubs providing 39 teams.

The competition has been going for over 26 years and is has a reputation for being one of the friendliest and one of the most best veteran’s competitions around – it is bigger than Tennis Victoria’s own veteran’s competitions (which caters for 45+).

This competition is for over 50 year old players (can be a mix of predominately men and women) with teams of 5 players per team (more required generally for obvious reasons) with 4 players taking the court each week.

Two tennis courts are required with a total of six sets played with each player playing with the other three players in the team – tie-breakers are played at 7 games all.

Play commences at 1.00pm and usually concludes before 4.00pm.

Most clubs have mid-week ladies in the morning and coaching in the afternoon and where possible we try to accommodate this i.e. a 1.00pm start is not always possible.

There are two seasons per year i.e. Autumn and Spring commencing on the first Thursday of February and August.

Depending on whether the team is a 6 team section (you would play 15 home and away matches, with 2 finals), or an 8 team section (you would play 14 home and away matches, with 3 finals) in a season.

We currently have 6 Sections and in the top section includes players who have represented Victoria and Australia in their respective age groups.

In the lower sections we have many players in their 70’s and 80’s competing in a caring environment.

Often you can join existing teams in the competition by watching current teams and checking what section is appropriate or ringing the Record Secretary to check what teams require players.

A requirement of this competition is that courts are user friendly i.e. no plexi-pave or plexi-cushion courts – artificial surfaces are ok to use.


President – Richard Tamblyn                          9727 3310

Secretary/Record Secretary –  David Burn               9499 4015