Glenvale Tennis Club


Glenvale Tennis Club frequently come across visitors who want to join playing with members or might be new to the area and just want to check out what the club is all about.   We encourage visitors and have a simple visiting sign-in process to get started and playing tennis!


Procedure for Members with Visitors:

  1. Fill out the envelope, include the money and put in slot on the back wall of the Visitors Box.
  2. Please fill out the information on the front of the envelope with the following information:Date:      Name of member:  (your name as member) Visitors name:   Fee  enclosed:      $ …..
  3. Fill out the receipt book and give the receipt to your visitor
  4. Have a great time playing tennis but remember to be courteous, watch your language and play by the rules

Visitors Fees:      Seniors –     $5

Juniors (under 18) and Students (under 21) in fulltime studies – $2 (this fee remains the same during the week and weekend)