Grants & Fundraising

Local Government funding opportunities

A reminder to clubs to keep watch for funding opportunities that are available via your local council. There are Community and Cultural grants offered by your councils from time to time, and it is wise to keep abreast of the dates, guidelines, and application processes to determine whether your club is eligible to submit.

Check the DPAC website for quick reference and access to your respective council.

Sport & Recreation Grants

  • The Minor Grants Program provides grants of between $500 and $10,000 to clubs/associations, as providers of sport and active recreation
  • Eligible projects must benefit sport and/or recreation clubs
  • Applicants must contribute at least half of the project funding.

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  • The Sport and Recreation Major Grants Program provides grants of between $15,000 and $80,000 to clubs/associations as providers of sport and active recreation.
  • Eligible projects must benefit sport and/or recreation clubs
  • Applicants must contribute at least half of the project funding.

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For full details on all grants, visit the Sport & Recreation Grants website

For further information email Communities, Sport and Recreation Tasmania or phone 1800 252 476.

More Grant and Funding Opportunities…

Keeping track of grant and funding opportunities can be difficult. These links are some of the key options available:

Department of Premier & Cabinet – Grant Alerts

Australian Government Business – Grants & Assistance

Australian Government Business – Grantfinder

Australian Sports Foundation – Fundraising

Tasmanian Community Fund – current Application Forms

The Funding Centre – Where Not-for-Profits go for Money

If you would like assistance in putting together an Expression of Interest or grant application, please email Simonne at Tennis Tasmania (03) 6108 8204.

Money Money Money…

Generating cashflow and sinking some funds into a savings account for a rainy day are ever growing challenges for Clubs. Often the streams of income that irrigate our clubs are a bare trickle, and vary from season to season. Coming up with ideas that are new and innovative often leaves us scratching our heads and putting the task into the “too hard today” basket. However, to stay afloat and sailing in the right direction requires us to rise to the challenge and create some ideas. Even if they were tried and tested years ago… maybe it’s time to give them another run.

Your Club and its team of hardworking volunteers have probably explored many of the ideas suggested below but, if not and even just one can be flagged as “worth a try”, it probably is worth exploring!


Potential Cashflow Streams

Come and Try Sessions: once a Month Spends onsite: BBQ; # Target Serves; Raffle; Discount memberships; Club Merchandise
School Excursions to your Club School Levy per person; Advertising opportunity within their newsletter; School discount packages; Court hire options
Sponsorship Opportunities Signage; Business Competitions with entry fees and value add chances; Sponsor a brick/fence/court/club shirt/activity for scaled amounts
Social Occasions for your members Value add chances to spend on the occasion such as raffle; silent auction; table challenges; partyplan presence with % rebate to your club. Create incentives for members to BYO new member to sign up!
Member “Trade and Business” Fair Opportunity for your members to sell their wares and/or services with a % return to the club or a site fee per business. Win-win!

Sometimes asking for the support or patronage of a local school or a sponsor requires us to think how we as a club could reciprocate. Considering some options like a donation to the school fair, or the placement of business cards for the local business on a noticeboard within the club is somewhere to start.

Clever fundraising presents a compelling case to gain support for a particular cause, so think through the specific goal your Club has in mind and encourage your members to help sell the fundraising message to potential businesses and/or contributors.

If you would like some additional ideas or some assistance in organising a fundraising opportunity, please contact Simonne at Tennis Tasmania (03) 6108 8204.