Editorial style guide

Last updated: 2 September, 2015

Why a style guide?

The purpose of a style guide is to promote consistent communication throughout an organisation. This style guide is based on the Style Manual for authors, editors and printers, 6th edn., and the Macquarie Dictionary, 4th edn.

How to use this style guide

The first thing you will notice about this style guide is that there is no table of contents or index. All entries have been alphabetised for easy reference.

Inside the Tennis Australia Style Guide you will find information on all manner of things. There are explanations onsubjects such as hyphens, bulleted lists and tables. The guide also covers preferred tennis styles, such as how to present tennis scores in text (see scoring), court surfaces (look up each surface individually) and whether or not prize money is one word or two.

This guide’s aim is to assist you with consistency of communication at your club. Keep it on hand, so if you’re ever in doubt as to whether it’s Plexicushion, plexicushion, Plexi-cushion or plexi cushion, you can look it up.

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