Rosanna Tennis Club

Mens Vets 6 Victorious

24 January 2017 |

2 Seasons ago a group of fathers (who’s sons play Saturday Morning competition) decided they should play competition themselves and joined the North Eastern Night Tennis Group Veterans competition.  They were given section 12 for the Autumn 2016 season and completed the season undeafeted however were considered too strong for the section and not allowed to compete in the grand final.  In the Spring 2016 the team was moved to Veterans section 6 and remarkabley completed the season again undefeated however this time they were able to play in the grand final.  It was a very close match with Rosanna in front by 1 game, the final set was 6-2 in Rosanna’s favour.  Congratulations to the team; Nick, Niall, Simon, Colin and Dave