Millswood Tennis Complex

Located on Goodwood Oval on Chelmsford Avenue in Millswood, South Australia, the Millswood Tennis Complex was for many years the home of the former SA Hardcourt Tennis League and was the centre at which most, if not all, of the League’s major events were conducted.

The Millswood Tennis Complex maintains an extremely important place in the SA tennis spectrum following the merger of the SA Hardcourt Tennis League with the SA Lawn Tennis Association in 1996 that resulted in the formation of Tennis SA.

The venue now boasts 12 ‘Australian Open Blue’ Plexi-pave acrylic hardcourts, of which 8 are lit and 4 are available during daylight hours for free recreation use. The complex also hosts an excellent club room, with kiosk and proshop, and ample area for entertaining and relaxing when you’re taking a break from the court.

The Millswood Tennis Complex is home to a variety of programs and events that cater for every level and ability of tennis player, including casual and public users, Goodwood Tennis Club members, tournament, social and association competitions matches, as well as coaching and development programs led by Tennis Australia Coach, Ben Milner.

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