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All of us know (well most of us!) that we always need to improve certain aspects of our game.

Well you don’t have to spend hundreds of $$$’s on a coach as Michael may be able to straighten you out just by asking him and you can just click on the links below to view a YouTube video on whichever aspect of your game needs the most help.

but best tip 1. Hit Ball Over Net

Forehand basic technique

Topspin forehand technique

Advanced forehand drills

Forehand & backhand technique

How to hit a forehand volley


Volley Practice drills

Volley – advanced practice drills

Drive Volley Technique

Singles Strategy Guide

Toe taps

Slice serve technique

Topspin serve technique

Backhand slice technique

Doubles strategy guide

Lob volley technique

Return of serve technique

Backhand volley technique 

How to hit a low volley

Smash technique