Williamstown Central Tennis Club

An 'Ode to Tennis'

A Day On The Tennis Court.

It starts off shopping at Coles for afternoon eats, what we find there will be delectable treats.

Rain is predicted today after lunch that would be right, weather Gods are a bad bunch.

We hit the road destination local Tennis courts, as we tune in on the radio to the city weather reports.

We arrive and meet the opposition and shake hands with them, all is real friendly as the hit-up starts to begin.

Watering the courts before play is usually a good idea but the courts are already damp from last night’s lousy weather.

I am thinking what tactics to use and what plan we will follow, I really do not like the look of that mean ugly fellow.

My serve hits the line and it’s called out, I never argue the toss or give a loud shout.

Standing to await my partner’s quick serve, I suddenly feel a blow to the head and topple… thinking have I lost my nerve?  He says I’m sorry are you Ok ? I say yes but what is today?

We lose the score no-one knows what, so we go back to where we knew the last lot.

As we face set point the ball hits net cord, the thing drops like a stone leaving us stranded and feeling real bored.

My partner is laying spreadeagled after this fiasco and I tell him mate there’s three more sets to go.

The next set comes with a change of partner; we start over again but this time with no laughter.

We get game point and a chance put away in the rally, just as a ball rolls on to court from next door, what a pain in the belly. Play two is the call from the opposition, I think yes but that puts us in a poor disposition.

As the sets continue we all scramble back the dinks, drop shots , ripping forehand and backhands till everyone has done their dash ,then all of a sudden there is a lunge and a huge racquet clash.

Then it rains and we all go off court waiting for the rain to stop, its back on again after having to mop.

A high ball comes my way and I slam it down the Tee, yes it’s a goodie and its one more to me.

Its coming down to a close finish on court one, there are calls of great goose and donkey and very well done.

Now gasping for air in a twenty hit rally, it comes to an end with an overhead smash and an increase to our tally.

An ace cleans the line on the next set point; we were on the receiving end of that missiles great jaunt.

We get through the day and get all the sets in, feeling like conquering Everest we know we will have to do it all again.

Finishing the day we water and broom, with dust flying about I think about the gloom.

All the sets totals are added up, we find we lose and I feel like a chump, the ones that I missed , the ones that should have been winners….. I feel it’s all my fault but my team are still grinners.

Back to the clubhouse for afternoon tea, all is forgiven all is forgotten.

We eat sausage rolls, sandwiches and sticky bun, all with the opposition and we all talk and have great fun.

Making the finals is my wishes; I contemplate this as I dry the dishes.

Sitting in my arm chair at night I review in my mind what could have been, all the what if’s and should have’s as if on a big screen. Where did we go wrong and where did we stray? Sitting in my armchair it’s easy to say.

I have all the answers as I start to nod off, drinking my hot Milo enjoying my broth.

As the Grandfather clock chimes Midnight I must away to bed, it’s all history now and I must clear my head.

But deep down my fellow tennis players I must say, that these days are to be treasured come what may. Enjoy the next one and show the love for the game, that’s what we must do and spread no blame.

All that said and done I still reckon if only I got that volley I went for in the second set it would have made all the……………Oh well ……….Goodnight.

Author   ‘Anon’