Williams Landing Tennis Club Inc.

Court usage policy


The club is growing, and as the club grows demand for court usage is expected to be high. The club has implemented a booking system to ensure everyone can get on the courts and know in advance when they are available.

If all members follow this process it will mean that you will be able to see if a court is available when you intend to play and then book that court to ensure when you come down to the club you have the right to use that court.

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Williams Landing Tennis Club Code of Conduct.

General conditions for court usage are as follows:

1. The courts are not all weather courts. Please do not use them if there is any sign of surface moisture or any risk of slipping and injuring yourself.
2. The courts and pavilion are strictly non-smoking areas. Extensive damage can be caused to the surface by cigarette butts and matches.
3. Members are to ensure they respect the property of the club and to avoid damage to the courts, nets and facilities. This will ensure the club can provide high quality facilities to all members.
4. Tennis shoes, complete with current membership tag, are compulsory. Major damage can be caused to the court surfaces by ripple-soled or jaw teeth (jogger) shoes.
5. There are no rigid rules for dress, but members are requested to wear neat tennis attire.
6. Please remove any rubbish that you find in the Club premises. Take home any bottles etc that you bring. There is no garbage collection service.
7. No glass or alcohol is permitted on the courts at any time
8. There is no outside coaching permitted – the club has appointed a coach who has exclusivity to coaching at Williams Landing Tennis Club

Priority over court usage

1. Club events have priority use of the courts; members have next priority over courts 1-4;
2. Priority is exercised by use of the booking system.
3. Club events and reservations for the coach may be booked as far ahead as needed
4. Individual members may book up to seven days ahead – for one court only, and one hour only for each booking. Any free court may be booked within these limits.

Booking system for court reservations

1. Bookings must be made using the Club booking system.
2. If no entry is made, no entitlement to use the court exists.
3. All members with a court booking will take priority over members who did not book a court and they will be asked to vacate the court
4. It is the members responsibility to ensure that play is completed and the court vacated on time so as to allow the next group to commence play promptly


1. Members must not share pin codes with non members
2. Guests must be accompanied by a member at all times.
3. The right to invite a guest is designed to allow non-members to play occasionally.
4. Any guest who wishes to play regularly should be encouraged to join the club.
5. Members maintain responsibility for the behaviour of their guests at all times

Breach of any of these conditions may result in members or non-members / guests being asked to vacate a court and/or a cancellation of membership and access rights revoked.