West Port Macquarie Tennis Club

Meet our Nineties Club

29 October 2018 |


A recent 25 year study in Denmark found that people who play Tennis live 10 years longer on average than those who are sedentary. They outlive even joggers and cyclists.

We have the living proof at West Port Macquarie Tennis Club.

Meet our over 90 year olds who still play regularly at our courts. From left to right Wilhelmina Van Kerckhof, Marie Bradshaw and Peter Moore .

Each of them have played almost all their lives. Willie started playing in the Netherlands after she switched from sailing. She began playing in Port at our old courts in Westport Park. Peter began his career at 7 years of age in Melbourne. He joined our Club in 1995 and reckons that tennis is better than golf and bowls.  Marie started at the age of 14 and was a member of the same tennis group in Sydney for 50 years. She moved to Port only 5 years ago and joined our Club shortly after getting settled here.

When asked in a recent interview with Port News they all emphasised how friendly, caring and welcoming Club members have always been. They all said that the social side of playing tennis is just as important as the physical part of the game. This is the same conclusion reached in the Danish study. Go the Nineties Club!