Wellington Tennis Club, Mulgrave VIC


WDTA runs two Junior (18 and under) competitions:

– Saturday morning  starting at 8.15 am finishing by 12.15 pm.

– Sunday morning starting at 9.00 am finishing by 12.30 pm.

Two seasons are played each year. Summer season starts in October and goes to March. Winter season starts in April and goes to September.

A variety of competition formats are played including Rubbers, Triples and Doubles. Saturday has Boys, Girls, Unisex and Open competitions while Sunday is all Open.

All D grade matches are played using the low compression balls. They are softer and don’t bounce as high, allowing for extended rallies as they travel at a slower speed.


If you are interested in playing in any of these competitions, please contact  Andrew Cosham on 0419 525 875   or         Jake Eames (Coach)  on 0422 648 776

Or contact us via our email address:  [email protected]