The Tennis West, Regional Talent Development (RTD) program, proudly supported by the Department of Sport & Recreation, runs parallel to the Tennis West Academy and under the National Academy – Perth.



  1. To develop regional players in conjunction with the Tennis West Academy
  2. To provide greater opportunities for creating long term player development



The Tennis West RTD program includes two categories; High Performance and Development Scholarships.

The program is designed to provide funding support for regional athletes to assist with tennis expenses such as coaching, entry fees, travel and accommodation etc. There will also be a subsidised tour interstate for all scholarship holders.

Funding per athlete will be dependent upon the number of successful athletes and other related program expenses.



The program criteria sets measurable standards of success for athletes wanting to pursue their tennis career further and runs parallel to the Tennis West Academy.  The criteria is based on the national standard of the athletes’ peer groups.  While players that do not meet the criteria may go on to successfully compete on the ATP/WTA tour, history has shown us that this is the exception rather than the rule. Tennis West will adjust the criteria as necessary, with fair notice, in order for standards to remain competitive internationally.


If you have any further queries or questions relating to the RTD Program, please call Paul Oldfield on 08 6462 8318 or via email [email protected]