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The Tennis West Academy (TWA) is a program that assists in the development of elite juniors, aligned closely with the National Academy (NA). This program plays several important roles with respect to the athlete development pathway. The primary goal of the TWA is to transition players into the NA by fulfilling the necessary criteria. It also acts as the next progression for athletes graduating from the Talent Development Squad (TDS).

Athletes up to the age of 16 can transition into the NA; however the TWA still provides a training environment for those athletes beyond this age who may continue to pursue a professional tennis career or endeavour to play college tennis in the US.

The TWA is headed by Len Cannell, who is also the strength and conditioning coach for all three academies. This ensures a seamless transition from one academy to the next with respect to the athlete’s physical development.

The TWA trains 3 times a week concurrently with the NA and TDS for a total of 9 hours a week. The 9 hours is comprised of 6 hours of court time and 3 hours of strength and conditioning.  The TWA also has a close relationship with the private coach to assist further development.