Tennis Activities in Isolation

The need for social distancing and the closure of gyms doesn’t mean your tennis, or your fitness, needs to be put on hold. It just means that you might need to get a little more creative and adapt your normal routine. See below for some great ideas on how you can keep fit and keep your tennis game on point during isolation.

How long does it take you to hit 100 volleys against a wall? Cara Black does 100 volleys in just 39 secs! Watch here.

Feeling creative? Here’s some ideas on how tennis really can be played anywhere!

Need something a little more serious and focused? Check here for some great strengthening activities that can be done anywhere.

Got the kids at home? Check out how Ivan Dodig incorporates training with kids here.

The rules for inside games and training will never be the same! How’s your hand-eye coordination? See here.

Think you know Roger Federer? Test your knowledge here.

And let’s not forget about the kids. Check here for some great practice ideas the kids can do at home.

Need to work on your balance and core strength? Try this!

Desperate for the kids to sit still and be quiet for 5 minutes? Here you go, this should help!