Level 2 Public Health Measures

Last Week the WA Government announced upgrades to public health and social measures which were introduced state-wide from Thursday 3 March 2022. Full details can be found here.

As we move into tennis finals and end of season championships, it is important to reiterate that the Government’s public health measures are in place with the fundamental principle to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

Spectators at Community Sporting Activities
A person must not attend a community sporting activity as a spectator unless that person:
(a) is a parent or guardian of a child who is participating in that community
sporting activity as a player or official; or
(b) is otherwise a member of the immediate family of a person who is a player
in that community sporting activity.

For tennis this means that crowds including non-playing club members, friends and the broader community are not able to attend finals or club championships. Tennis West acknowledges this is disappointing, but we have seen sports across the world have to adapt to playing with no crowds so they can continue. This is a great opportunity to try new initiatives across social media and live streaming to promote the game.

Density and Capacity Limits
There is no maximum number of persons who may be present at a community sporting activity but spectators can only be parents/guardians or immediate family.

2sqm and 150 patron limit (not including staff or officials) for hospitality venues which may include tennis clubrooms when they are providing seated service.

It is possible to run either community sport or an event, not both. For example, you can’t host an event inside your clubroom whilst also conducting community sport on your tennis courts. The aim of the public health measures is to limit the number of people mingling and gathering.

An event is anything that requires additional approvals relating to parking, liquor licenses etc which would usually involve local government approvals. Once a community sporting event exceeds the 500 person limit, then it must operate under community sport rules i.e. following the spectator rule and will still need an event plan and local government approval. Events (not Community Sport) that will be under the 500 person limit can have a total of 500 people which includes players and spectators. Please contact Tennis West via [email protected] and we will pass on the most up-to-date information regarding events and we can assist you in writing a COVID-19 event plan. Please check the WA Government website here for the latest information. Clubs that breach the directions are at risk of very expensive fines.

By way of explanation, major stadiums and arenas have additional COVID-19 rules and are operating at reduced capacity, with the ability to control ticketed seating. They are very different venues with different operating models and, therefore, cannot be compared to club tennis venues.

Level 2 measures currently apply across WA in addition to existing Level 1 measures including indoor mask requirements, proof of vaccination, contact registration and restrictions to remote Aboriginal communities.

Changes have been made to the way close contacts are managed and the onus has shifted to sports to share information within your club if there are positive cases and, in turn, individuals are considered close contacts.

SportWest has provided all sports with information and template letters that can be copied and used to communicate to your club if required. These resources can be found here.

The following resource – Managing COVID-19 in your Workplace – developed by Small Business WA may be useful to refer to if you have a positive COVID-19 case at your tennis club. Please find the resource here.

Lastly, as WA shifts to a very high caseload scenario, there are new definitions regarding close contacts who are critical workers. Whilst there is the ability for asymptomatic close contacts to attend work, they are required to isolate at all other times and, therefore, cannot attend community sport. Updated information can be found here.

From a tennis point of view as of Friday 11 March 2022:

  • Outdoor community sports permitted with no spectators, except for parents/guardians and immediate family.
  • Outdoor sport can continue without masks.
  • Year 3-6 students are now included in the requirements to wear a mask in all public indoor settings. This includes tennis clubhouses and administrative areas.
  • 2sqm rule and 150 patron limit (not including staff or officials) for hospitality venues.
  • No handshakes, please touch racquets like a high five.
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly including before and after matches.
  • Use the ServiceWA or SafeWA app to check-in.
  • Proof of vaccination is required in certain settings, including where a club is operating its liquor licence or providing seated hospitality. Click here to read Tennis West’s previous advice regarding Proof of Vaccinations for licensed venues.
  • If you have been to an exposure site, you must isolate immediately, get tested and withdraw from tennis events by contacting the Tournament Director. Exposure sites can be found here.
  • Stay home if unwell and get tested if experiencing any symptoms.
  • Tennis clubs are still required to follow Phase 5 COVID Safety Plans for the Sport and Recreation industry. These guidelines can be found here.
  • Tennis clubs are still required to collect mandatory contact registers, primarily by displaying a SafeWA QR code at entry points. More information can be found here.

This advice is subject to change in accordance with Government directions so please check for information and please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for further updates.

Please email [email protected] if you require assistance for your safe return to tennis.