Internal Club Competitions

The Competition Builder feature in League Manager allows clubs to organize play while controlling and recording attendance, which is a key criteria for the authorities, to allow tracking should an outbreak occur. The TW League team are ready to assist clubs with setup and management. Fact Sheets are below for the following Internal Competition Formats: For Clubs wishing to charge their members a fee to participate, the system allows for online payment in order to avoid cash handling.

Challenge Ladders
Challenge Ladders provide greater flexibility to players, as they can play as much or as little as they like during the season.
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Internal Flex Singles Competitions
Internal Flex Singles Competitions can provide greater flexibility to players, as they determine when their matches takes place each week/throughout the season.
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Internal Social Singles/Doubles Competitions
Internal Social Singles/Doubles Competitions are run at a designated time of the week and is open to players to drop in on a weekly basis. Internal Social Singles/Doubles Competitions allow players to enjoy good quality matches on a weekly basis, without having to commit week in week out.
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Community Tennis Guidelines for Continued Play
V7. Updated 15 May. These guidelines provide details on how outdoor courts can remain open for use to help ensure people remain active, subject to strict social distancing and hygiene practices being implemented
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