COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Updates – January 2022

Effective from Monday 31 January 2022: Proof of vaccination across Western Australia. (Updated 28 January 2022)

We have appreciated speaking to many clubs whilst we were waiting for the WA Government’s ‘Proof of Vaccination Directions’, which were released on 26 January 2022. Your questions have been fielded to staff at Sport and Recreation (within DLGSC) and have helped shape the Frequently Asked Questions about Community Sport, which will be circulated next week.

From Monday 31 January 2022, the WA Government indicates where double dose proof of vaccination, or a medical exemption, for those aged 16 and older will be required:

  • visitors to public and private hospitals, and aged care facilities;
  • all hospitality venues including restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, clubs, taverns, night clubs and dine-in fast food (roadhouses, service stations and takeaway is exempt)*;
  • indoor entertainment venues, including play centres, gaming and gambling, theatres, concert halls, museums, cinemas and live music venues;
  • bottle shops;
  • the entire Crown Perth complex;
  • major stadiums;
  • gyms, fitness centres and health studios**;
  • amusement parks and the Zoo; and
  • music festivals and large events with more than 500 people, unless exempt.

Community sport and school-based events, unless at one of the specific venues listed, are exempt from the proof of vaccination requirement.

*Note that the definition of a hospitality venue means: that part of any business or premises, including one characterised as a pub, bar, club or tavern but not a nightclub, that supplies alcohol under a licence granted under the Liquor Control Act 1988 (WA). Note that a particular premises may consist of two or more separate parts and only one part is licenced, then only that part of the premises that falls within the definition of hospitality venue is a specified proof of vaccination venue.

For clarity, all types of liquor licences are covered by this definition and the requirement for checking proof of vaccination is only when your club is open for service of the sale and consumption of alcohol. Tennis clubs will be required to carefully check the boundary of their licenced areas, which in many instances, won’t include the tennis courts. The licenced area depicted on a map for your venue may, for example, include clubhouse, function rooms, veranda and outdoor seated areas – please make sure you check and if needed, request the map and information from Racing, Gaming and Liquor on 08 6551 4888.

Also note that if your bar is open and people need to use your clubhouse as a throughfare to go to the bathrooms, they will not need to be stopped to check proof of vaccination. Where you have home and away competitions at your tennis club, please advise the opposition of your club’s licenced areas and times of service, so they are aware if/when they are required to show proof of vaccination. Opposition players are entitled to your use your changeroom amenities without showing proof of vaccination.

When your canteen/kiosk is open for take-away food and non-alcoholic beverages, you are not required to check proof of vaccination. However, if you are providing food for seated service, then you are required to check proof of vaccination.

If your tennis courts fall outside of your licenced area then they are deemed a community sport venue and therefore participants are not required to show their proof of vaccination. The layout of each tennis club is unique so we are happy to discuss your individual circumstances. Note that if you choose to apply rules for proof of vaccination over and above the WA Government requirements, we suggest you seek your own legal advice.

**Note that those tennis clubs that offer indoor fitness areas such as halls for yoga or gym areas are subject to the proof of vaccination. For example, if your clubroom is booked by a local Zumba group twice a week then your clubroom during those two occasions is an ‘indoor fitness area’ and, therefore, requires participants to show proof of vaccination. This can be facilitated by the teacher/hirer but ultimately as the venue owner/operator, you will need to ensure that they are maintaining proof of vaccination.

The gym at the State Tennis Centre is deemed an indoor fitness area and those staff and athletes over the age of 16 will be required to show proof of vaccination to utilise these facilities. Tennis West will be requesting this information at the start of each term.

People will be required to show proof of their COVID-19 vaccination or medical exemption, either in a digital or paper-based form, along with approved identification if not using the ServiceWA app. Visit to view information on obtaining proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.
Tennis West understands the different ways our tennis clubs are set up. Many are run solely by volunteers, some have paid staff behind the bar/canteen and others have venue managers in shared use facilities. The WA Government is asking that venues undertake reasonable steps and recognise that community sport is largely run by volunteers. Please find by way of example some ways your club can manage checking proof of vaccination:

  • If you have a controlled entry point, it may be possible to check proof of vaccination at this point. For example, when an event is on, such as a 21st birthday party, position a staff member or volunteer to check proof of vaccination upon entry, and provide patrons with a stamp or wristband.

For many tennis clubs it is not practical to check proof of vaccination at the entry point, therefore, there are other ways this may be possible:

  • For your members, ask them to show proof when they sign up and this will last them for the period of their membership (maximum annually). Tennis West is currently investigating the best ways that clubs can manage this information in different tennis software platforms.
  • When your bar/canteen is in operation, you can ask for proof of vaccination at the point of service. Patrons may be issued a wristband or stamp on hand to demonstrate they have shown their proof of vaccination.
  • You are able to undertake random checks of proof of vaccination, when your club is serving alcohol.
  • For indoor fitness classes, you can ask them to show proof of vaccination and record this against their membership/class sign up. Casual attendees to the group will be required to show it at their first class.

Please find various government issued posters about vaccination and masks that you may print off and display at prominent areas around your venue here.

To support tennis clubs managing the proof of vaccination, please remind your members and patrons that there is a legal obligation for businesses to:

  • Sight acceptable proof of vaccination or medical exemption on entry or employment or where reasonable.
  • Take reasonable steps to deny entry to patrons who cannot present a certificate.
  • Report suspected false documents to the appropriate public authority.

Tennis West supports all tennis clubs to do your best managing these new directions and please pass any feedback to us, and we can forward this on to the WA Government via DLGSC.


Some sporting occupations are impacted by the State Government’s mandatory vaccination policy and must have received their first dose by 31 December 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 31 January 2022.

These occupations include:

  • Restaurant, pub, bar, café or fast food. For example: bar staff working a sporting club bar.
  • School or boarding school (teachers and other support staff). For example, coaches and/or development staff attending schools to conduct training sessions and clinics.
  • Building, maintenance or construction services. For example, ground staff and curators of sporting fields.
  • Staff working in or entering remote Aboriginal communities. For example, development staff attending remote communities to conduct clinics and school/club visits.

The full list of impacted occupations is available here.
Tennis Australia Coach Members across Australia will have received an email on 24 December 2021 about mandatory vaccination. Within the WA Department of Education, there is some specific wording about ‘regular’ attendance requiring vaccination and ‘ad hoc attendance’ may not require it. Tennis West supports the Tennis Australia message for coaches to be vaccinated and to speak to their schools about their procedures in relation to vaccination.
Regular (more than once per week) visits to a school:

  • Volunteers and community members who come to a school on a regular basis to work, participate in, or facilitate activities are required to be double dose vaccinated from 31 January 2022 and to have received their first dose by 1 January 2022.

Ad hoc (attendance at no more than one education facility no more than once per weekvisits to a school:

  • Volunteers and community members attending a school on an ad hoc basis are not required to be vaccinated.

Please note: a person who attends multiple education facilities in a week, but does not visit the same education facility twice, does not attend on an ad hoc basis. For example, a tradesperson who works at school A on Monday and then works at school B on Wednesday of the same week must comply with the vaccination requirements in these directions.

For more details, please read the ‘Education worker (restrictions on access) directions (No 4)’ found here.

Tennis Clubs should be operating with Sport and Recreation COVID Safety Plans. This means that the premises agrees to: maintain mandatory contact registration, encourage physical distancing, maintain hygiene standards and conduct frequent cleaning, and advise staff to stay home if unwell. Links to the guidelines and the template for the safety plan can be found here:
COVID-19-safety-guidelines-Sport-and-recreation-23062021.pdf (
COVID-Safety-Plan-September-2021.pdf (

There are current WA Government COVID-19 guidelines for events more than 500 people. If your tennis club is planning on running an event or tournament for more than 500 people, please contact Tennis West at [email protected] and we will pass on the most up-to-date information for events and we can assist you writing your COVID event plan. A change to these guidelines is due post 5 February 2022, so please check the WA Government website here for the latest information.

From a tennis point of view, as of Friday 28 January 2022:

  • Outdoor sport can continue without masks.
  • Under current directives effective Sunday 16 January at 6.00pm, you are required to wear a mask in all public indoor settings. This includes tennis clubhouses and administrative areas.
  • No handshakes, touch racquets.
  • Use hand sanitiser regularly including before and after matches.
  • Use the Services WA or SafeWA App to check-in.
  • If you have been to an exposure site, you must isolate immediately, get tested and withdraw from tennis events through contacting the Tournament Director. Exposure sites can be found here.
  • Stay home if unwell and get tested if experiencing any symptoms.
  • Tennis clubs are still required to follow Phase 5 COVID Safety Plans for the Sport and Recreation industry. These guidelines can be found here.
  • Tennis clubs are still required to collect mandatory contact registers, primarily by displaying a Safe WA QR code at entry points. More information can be found here.

This advice is subject to change in accordance with Government directives so please check for information, and please follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for further updates.

Please email [email protected] if you require assistance for your safe return to tennis.