Club Resource Kit

This Club Resources below have been developed specifically for our WA Club Committee Members, to help you and your club adapt to the ever-changing COVID-19 climate. Within the resource kit below we have sample letters to send your LGA and Club Members, checklists of club maintenance considerations, ideas of how to remain engaged with your tennis community whilst in isolation, finance and insurance information, and a list of online learning opportunities you can take advantage of during this time.

We hope you find this resource kit to be useful. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the Tennis West Team should you have any questions, or would like any further information.

COVID-19 Resources

Financial Resources & Grant Opportunities

COVID-19 has placed significant financial pressures on small businesses within Australia, and in tennis specifically, that means clubs, coaches and tennis centres. We are working closely with the Federal and State Governments to identify opportunities to support the community through this challenging time

Club Maintenance Considerations

A checklist has been created to support clubs who need to temporarily close their facilities during the COVID-19 crisis. Please download the checklist and save it, so you can personalise it to suit your club’s needs. Not all areas on the checklist may be relevant to your club, but we hope it helps in saving time and expense to your club

Upcoming AGM’s & How to Adapt

Clubs will need to refer to their constitutions in reference to holding AGM’s and/or Committee meetings and alternatives in the current climate. Club Constitutions should provide guidance as to the latest a club can postpone their AGM, in line with the end of their financial year.

Remaining Engaged with your Community

While the physical location of our clubs may closed for now, clubs can still play an important role in this time of social distancing and social isolation through offering an online platform for people to come together, feel connected and continue the wonderful community vibes your club has established. The link below provides some great tips on how to stay engaged with your community using Social Media, Club Newsletters, Group Chats and Online Video Platforms like Zoom.

Fundraising Ideas

From online raffles to member cookbooks, we have put together a huge list of ideas that can help your club raise much needed funds during this time. And best of all, most of these fundraising ideas can be run or prepared during isolation!

What to do during this Time

With many of us now finding ourselves with lots of downtime at home, we have created a guide of different Online Courses, Webinars, and tennis programs that that you can complete in the comfort of your own home

Club-Coach Project Checklist

Right now is a perfect time for your committee & coach to discuss some projects that could be done for the club and members. We have put together a checklist of ideas that could be delegated to different people to assist in the current situation and also future planning over the coming months.

Peak Bodies for Information

If you require further information, please see:

Australian Government Department of Health 

Department of Health – WA

Isolation Guidance

World Health Organisation

> Australian Institute of Sport