Attract more women & girls to play and be involved in your club.


Active Women and Girls
VicHealth_Brandmark_POS_RGB_TMGet Active. Read VicHealth's practical guide to get more women and girls in your local area active.
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Checklist for Club Audit
The Club House_Moreland City Council_FEATURE IMAGEBe organised. Look through the Moreland City Council's checklist to get your club thinking and talking about how to increase female participation.
Empower Young Women
The Club House_Aus Gov_FEATURE IMAGEEmbrace differences. Look at the Girls Make Your Move campaign for inspiration about empowering young women to be more active regardless of ethnicity, size or ability.
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Female-friendly Environments
The Club House_Female participation_FEATURE IMAGECreate a safe space. Watch our video to see why creating a female-friendly environment is important for your club to attract and retain females.
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Get Girls into Tennis
VicHealth_Brandmark_POS_RGB_TMAttract teens. Read our fact sheet for ideas on how to engage with the elusive 'teen girls' group.
Promoting to Women and Girls
The Club House_Female participation_FEATURE IMAGEShare good news. Use our flyers, posters and social media tiles to promote your club's programs to women and girls.
Recruitment and Retention
The Club House_Change our Game_FEATURE IMAGEGet women involved. Read the Change Our Game guidelines for help with increasing the number of women and girls in leadership roles at your club.
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See It, Be It
The Club House_Creating female-friendly environments_FEATURE IMAGEShowcase leaders. Learn why increasing the capacity of our community's female coaching network is important for attracting more women and girls to tennis.
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Support Female Coaches
female participation - CopyLead positive changes. Learn about how increasing the capacity of female coaching networks is important for attracting more women and girls to tennis.
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This Girl Can
This Girl Can-VicHealth logo 700x450Learn more. Read through This Girl Can - Victoria's campaign and see how Victorian women are encouraged to embrace physical activity.
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This Girl Can: Get Women Active
This Girl Can-VicHealth logo 700x450Be strategic. Look through VicHealth's This Girl Can campaign for simple strategies to assist in attracting females to your club.
Women and Girls Participation
The Club House_Aus Sports Commission_FEATURE IMAGEUnderstand differences. Read about participation levels of Australian women and girls in sport, and the differences in behaviour between males and females.
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Liston Tennis Club
The Club House_Liston TC_FEATURE IMAGERead about Liston's female participation program, Girls In Tennis UP!
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Making Positive Impacts
The Club House_Creating female-friendly environments_FEATURE IMAGEHear how these clubs are making a positive impact on getting women and girls into tennis.
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Make Female Programs Successful
The Club House_Female participation teens_FEATURE IMAGEHear how these clubs are making a positive impact on getting women and girls into tennis.
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Why Women Play Tennis
Picture credit: Jaimi Joy

Female Participation Shoot 
Friday 18th May 2018
North Park Tennis Club, MelbourneWatch our video on what motivates women to pick tennis as their sport of choice.
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West Brunswick Tennis Club
The Club House_West Brunswick TC_FEATURE IMAGEListen to Leanne Melgaard from West Brunswick talk about what her Club's achieved with the Female Participation Grant.
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Princes Hill Tennis Club
The Club House_Princes Hill TC_FEATURE IMAGETake a look at a great ladies social hit session at the Princes Hill Tennis Club.
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Youtube LogoHead to Tennis Victoria's YouTube page to view videos about engaging and integrating women & girls in your club.
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