Effectively operate your club with the help of our resources for coaching services, committee management and growing membership.

Coaching services

Coaching Services Guide
Club Resources_CLUB OPS_FEATURE IMAGEEffectively manage coaching services at your club. Read our guide to tender, appoint, manage and retain coaches.
Club-Coach Relationships
The Club House_Club coach win win _FEATURE IMAGECreate and continue strong club-coach relationships. We've outlined how to achieve common goals in win-win working relationships.
Club Services Description
The Club House_Club services _FEATURE IMAGEAttract strong coaching candidates with a clear club services description. Our template outlines expectations clubs can set for coaches.
Interviewing Coaching Candidates
The Club House_Coach interview _FEATURE IMAGEChoose a coach that's best suited to your club. We've suggested an interview format and questions for finding the right coach.
Club-Coach Agreement
Club Resources_GRANTS_FEATURE IMAGESet clear roles and responsibilities in the interest of both the club and coach. Refer to our club-coach agreement template for ideas.


Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers
Club Resources_CLUB OPS_FEATURE IMAGERecruit and retain volunteers that reflect the culture of your club. Read through our guideline for finding volunteers that share your club's values.
Club Finances
The Club House_ClubHelp_FEATURE IMAGEVisit ClubHelp for resources on how to stay well informed about all monies handled by your club.
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Committee Position Descriptions
The Club House_ClubHelp_FEATURE IMAGEVisit ClubHelp for information on how to keep club members informed about committee roles and responsibilities.
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Volunteer Management
The Club House_ClubHelp_FEATURE IMAGEVisit ClubHelp for details on how to set a club culture that recognises the valuable contributions of volunteers.
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The Secretary's Satchel
The Club House_Justice Connect_FEATURE IMAGELearn how to run Victorian incorporated associations. Read Justice Connect's comprehensive guide on what clubs should do to meet their legal obligations.
Damn Good Advice for Treasurers
The Club House_Our Comm x Comm Bank_FEATURE IMAGEKnow the questions your club's treasurer should ask. Read through the guide developed by Our Community and Commonwealth Bank to learn about keeping tabs on your club's assets.
Club Resources_BOUNCE_FEATURE IMAGEHead to Bounce for further resources including position descriptions, meeting templates, handover templates and more.
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Reward your Volunteers
Club Resources_BOUNCE_FEATURE IMAGERecognise outstanding volunteers at your club through Tennis Victoria's Recognition Program.
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Sample Membership Form
The Club House_ANZTHS Delivery Guide_FEATURE IMAGECollect player information safely. Our customisable sample membership form includes terms and conditions references, and an important Tennis privacy statement.
Buy Club Memberships Online
Return to Tennis Poster for ClubsPromote your club's ability to process membership payments online. Use our editable poster on websites, in newsletters and on clubhouse notice boards.
Growing your Membership
The Club House_ClubHelp_FEATURE IMAGEExplore ways to grow your club's membership. Visit ClubHelp for resources to attract new members to your club.
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Attracting New Players
Court usageLearn what's worked for other clubs. Check out different membership and competition ideas that were successful for clubs around Victoria.