ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is tennis for kids! The program is designed to help every child, no matter their age or ability.

The courts are smaller and the equipment is modified, with smaller racquets and low compression balls that don’t bounce too high.

There are 3 ANZ Tennis Hot Shots programs available for clubs:


Coaching sessions are run by qualified Tennis Australia coaches with each lesson taking place in a nurturing environment which promotes participation and inclusion.

Encourage your club coach to register to deliver ANZ Tennis Hot Shots today! Click here for more information to get your coach started today.


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Match Play is a program designed to give kids aged 7-11 years old, who have done at least 2 terms of Hot Shots, the opportunity to transition into playing matches in a fun team environment. It gives kids a great experience, encourages them to fall in love with the sport and puts them on the right track to being lifelong tennis participants.


ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Community Play is a program run by club volunteers. It’s a little more relaxed than Coaching and Match Play. These sessions are about having casual fun, so they’re less structured than traditional coaching sessions. Kids are given tips and advice and can play with their friends… or even their parents!


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Delivery Guide
MI-20-168-Image-4_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBLook through our easy-to-read guide on how to run Hot Shots at your club. Filled with diagrams, pictures and simple explanations for quick reading.
Structures & Competencies
MI-20-168-Image-1_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBGrow kids' tennis capabilities starting from where ever they're most comfortable. We've outlined how to run Hot Shots for kids starting with varying skill levels.
Pathway Information
MI-20-168-Image-2_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBRead our one page summary on how Hot Shots Match Play meets the needs of kids who have progressed to wanting more challenging tennis.
Frequently Asked Questions
MI-20-168-Image-3_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBCost? Equipment? Duration? We give you answers to the Hot Shots Match Play questions we're commonly asked.
Hot Shots Quality Standards Tool
MI-20-168-Image-4_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBContinue delivering a quality program. Ask your Hot Shots coach to self-appraise against specific criteria in our Hot Shots Quality Standards Tool.
Club Resources_BOUNCE_FEATURE IMAGELooking for more resources? Head to for more.
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Promoting Hot Shots to Kids
MI-20-168-Image-3_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBEncourage kids to SEE what they can do! Display our poster to let people know your club's running Hot Shots.
Promoting Hot Shots to Parents
MI-20-168-Image-1_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBCoax parents into picking tennis as their kid's sporting activity! Display and distribute our flyer to let parents know your club's running Hot Shots.
Hot Shots Pathway Information
MI-20-168-Image-2_ANZ-Tennis-Hot-Shots.RGBAccess more Hot Shots information and resources.
Club Resources_BOUNCE_FEATURE IMAGELooking for more? Head to for more resources to help you market your Hot Shots program.
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Hear first-hand from Victorian tennis clubs who have successfully ran Hot Shots programs at their club.

Central Wimmera Tennis Association
The Club House_ANZTHS Central Wimmera Logo_FEATURE IMAGECheck out what Hot Shots Match Play has done for the Central Wimmera Tennis Association.
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Clarinda Tennis Club
The Club House_ANZTHS Clarinda TC_FEATURE IMAGEHear about the important relationship between coach of the Clarinda Tennis Club and Clarinda Primary School.
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Doncaster Tennis Club
The Club House_ANZTHS Doncaster TC_FEATURE IMAGECheck out Doncaster Tennis Club talking about the benefits of running an all-girls Hot Shots Match Play Gala Night.
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HE Parker Reserve Tennis Club
The Club House_ANZTHS HE Parker Reserve TC_FEATURE IMAGEHear about how the kids at HE Parker Reserve Tennis Club benefited from Hot Shots Match Play.
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