Tournament Categories

ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments

The ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments (ANZTHST) provide players with the opportunity to participate in a competitive environment for the first time, whilst still undertaking the key elements of the ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Program. ANZTHST will incorporate all elements of the Hot Shots program, using modified courts, lighter racquets and low compression balls.

Junior Development Series Tournaments

The Junior Development Series (JDS) is a series of introductory tournaments aimed for beginner to intermediate players aged 8/u, 10/u, 12/u and 14/u across our state and regions of Australia. The JDS tournaments do not offer Australian Ranking points and are played in a round-robin format to maintain a development focus.

Junior Tournaments

Junior tournaments (JT’s) are separated into four levels of events – bronze (weakest), silver, gold and platinum (strongest). Across Australia JT’s are conducted for players (boys and girls) in age groups 18/u, 16/u, 14/u and 12/u. All JT’s in these age groups carry Australian Ranking points depending on level of tournament sanctioning. Entry is open to all juniors subject to the rules and regulations governing each tournament.

ITF Junior and Nationals

International Tennis Federation (ITF) World Junior Circuit consists of over 300 tournaments in 115 countries for players aged 18/u. All ITF Junior tournaments are graded according to the strength of entry from Grade A (the Grand Slam juniors), then Grade 1 down to Grade 5. All players require an IPIN to enter ITF Junior tournaments.

National Junior Championships are held in age groups 12/u, 14/u, 16/u and 18/u with limited draw sizes. They are Platinum level tournaments run by Tennis Australia and held throughout the year on different surfaces (clay, natural grass and hardcourt). Entry into a National Junior Championship event is based on Australian Rankings, whilst some wildcards are also awarded based upon results from State based qualifying events.

Australian Money Tournaments

Australia Money Tournaments (AMTs) are positioned just below the ITF’s World Tennis Tour (WTT) events. There are four levels of AMTs – bronze (lowest), silver, gold and platinum (highest). The number of Australian Ranking points and prize money available are based on the level of the tournament. Earning Australian Ranking points from AMT’s, is restricted to players in their 15th birth year and older.