HomeCourtTennis is designed to keep kids playing tennis with creative and innovative games away from the courts.

Need to use a fry-pan because you can’t find your racquet? That’s cool. Has the dog chewed your last tennis ball? Use a balloon instead!

WHAT IS HomeCourtTennis?


Check out all the HomeCourtTennis games and challenges below and get playing!

Sally's Rallies
Five forehands and five backhands - how many can you hit back to a partner accurately?
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Lucy's Grass Court Rally
Grab a ball and a net and see if you can get to 10 rallies with a partner.
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Hunter's Hula Tennis
Try and land the ball into a hula hoop instead of hitting over a net.
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Yvette's Wall Tennis
Challenge yourself to hit designated markers on a wall.
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Hunter's Up and Down
Want to combine tennis and maths? Try this activity now.
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Koko's Arendelle
Hop on the back deck and get counting now with this challenge.
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Sam's Rebound Tennis
Did you know a wall makes a good hitting partner?
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Bella's Balloon Bash
No ball, no worries. Use a balloon instead!
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Sam's Hit to Hit
Work on your ball placement with this Hit to Hit challenge.
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Koko's Throwing Rally
Hop on the back deck with different sized balls and rally away.
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Hunter's Bump-Up
One bump-up, two bump-ups, three bump-ups, four.
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Sam and Orlando's Volleys
Grab some chairs and cereal boxes and count away with a partner.
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Deep Trouble
Hit the ball past the marker in this Deep Trouble challenge.
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Sam's Reflex Volleys
Challenge your reflexes in the hallway and count the rally.
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