4 October 2018 | Tennis Victoria

Name: Ana Barisic                      

Title: Administration & Communications Officer

What is your role at Tennis Victoria: Providing administration support to the People, Culture & Communications team

Best thing about the role: The work/life balance along with the flexibility of the job

What was your previous role: Administration Associate at lululemon

What are your interests outside of Tennis Victoria: Travelling, weekend hikes, camping, gym, paddle boarding and volunteering at my local soccer club

Favourite tennis player/sporting athlete and why: Serena Williams. For as long as I can remember she’s been dominating the courts. Love watching her play!

What is one interesting fact that no one else knows about you: I can’t actually wink 😉

If you were Prime Minister of Australia for one day, what would your first change be: Enforce tougher laws for those that drink and drive. A few extra public holidays wouldn’t hurt either!

If you had one super power for a day, what would it be? Time travel